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 ***Our unique Brands are Barry Callebaut, Callebaut, Cacao Barry & Van Leer, and new to our line-up: Mona Lisa Chocolate Decorations.*** 
In 1996 the Belgian chocolate producer Callebaut and the French chocolate company Cacao Barry joined forces, creating a new company called Barry Callebaut. Both Cacao Barry and Callebaut were widely recognized in the food industry as reliable suppliers of high-quality products and as dependable business partners for thousands of whole­sale and retail specialists in the chocolate industry. The merger combined Cacao Barry’s know-how in procurement and initial processing of cocoa beans with Calle­baut’s extensive experience in producing and marketing chocolate products. Today, Barry Callebaut is the world market leader in high-quality cocoa and choco­late products and the only fully integrated chocolate company with a global pres­ence. The company has evolved from a supplier of industry and specialty chocolates for industrial and artisanal customers into a provider of integrated solutions, from the bean to the finest finished product, to the entire food industry. As the outsourcing partner of choice, Barry Callebaut has an estimated 40% share of sales volumes in the open market. Barry Callebaut offers more than 2,000 recipes to its customers, allowing it to cater to local taste preferences around the world.
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Barry Callebaut Deodorised Cocoa Butter Block NCB-HD703-758
Your Price: $318.01
# 04600
Pack Size: 1/55.12 LB
Barry Callebaut Ghana Origine Milk Callets CHM-P40GHA-US-U75
Your Price: $47.07
# 04607
Pack Size: 5.5 LB
Barry Callebaut Milk Chocolate Chips 1M
Your Price: $140.25
# 04536
Pack Size: 50 LB
Barry Callebaut Sao Thome 70% Single Origin Dark Callets SAOTHOME-US-U75
Your Price: $38.26
# 04610
Pack Size: 5.5 LB
Barry Callebaut Semi Sweet Chocolate Blossom Curls CHD-SH-8003901-A03
Your Price: $131.73
# 04602
Pack Size: 26.46 LB
Barry Callebaut Semi Sweet Chocolate Chunks CHD-CI-6025901-035
Your Price: $148.50
# 04533
Pack Size: 50 LB
Barry Callebaut Semi Sweet Chocolate Drop 4,000 CT CHD-DR-7116201-050
Your Price: $118.25
# 04530
Pack Size: 50 LB
Barry Callebaut Semi Sweet Chocolate Flakes CHD-FL-7029907-045
Your Price: $118.31
# 04532
Pack Size: 45 LB
Cacao Barry EXTRA BRUTE Intense Red Cocoa Powder (22-24%) DCP-22SP-760
Your Price: $84.65
# 04375
Pack Size: 6/1 KG
Cacao Barry Mycryo Cocoa Butter NCB-HD706-BYEX.X55
Your Price: $22.83
# 04478
Pack Size: 1/1.21 LB
Callebaut  33% Java Milk Chocolate Callets JAVA-T68
Your Price: $42.94
# 04613
Pack Size: 5.5 LB
Callebaut  Semi Sweet Chocolate Powder  CHD-PO-6006602-A99
Your Price: $172.43
# 04468
Pack Size: 50 LB
Callebaut Caramel Loaf  FWF-BL-2010001-A99
Your Price: $64.21
# 04495
Pack Size: 4/5 LB
Callebaut Dark Couverture Block 53.1% Cacao C811NV-132
Your Price: $209.20
# 04434
Pack Size: 5/11 LB
Callebaut Dark Couverture Block 53.8% Cacao 811NV-132
Your Price: $211.95
# 04441
Pack Size: 5/11 LB
Callebaut Dark Couverture Block 56.8% Cacao 815NV-132
Your Price: $213.57
# 04449
Pack Size: 5/11 LB
Callebaut Dark Couverture Callets 53.8% Cacao 811NV-595
Your Price: $171.89
# 04453
Pack Size: 2/22 LB
Callebaut Fairtrade 811NV 53.8% Dark Chocolate Callets 811NVFAIR-595
Your Price: $105.52
# 04463
Pack Size: 22 LB
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