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Regal Crown Sour Cherry Roll

Regal Crown Sour Cherry Roll

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  • Store at 72 Degrees F and under.

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Reed’s Candy is one of the few manufacturers in the world that still molds hard candy from a heated syrup state and individually wrap each piece.

Iconic uses the 133-year-old formula and tradition to make Crown Regal Sour Cherry hard candies.

Regal’s blend of tartness along with the original old-world recipe, natural colors & flavors and individual wrapping makes them perfection in every piece

It was portrayed in James Bond like TV commercials. The tagline of the day was “Tart-N-Tangy”. Reviving the Trebor tradition, Iconic candy Rolls out these individually wrapped sour cherry & sour lemon favorites to the delight of yesterdays and today’s candy fans.

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