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How to Merchandise Your Store for Holiday and End of Year Sales

Posted by Vincent Weaver on 11/13/2017

Holidays are the perfect time for selling candy. It’s the time of year when children and adults of all ages excitedly explore candy store shelves and fill their baskets with marvelous sweets. 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to stock up and start adorning your store with delicious holiday joys and end of year sales!

Delicious Recipes Inspired by the Autumn Weather

Posted by Vincent Weaver on 10/24/2017

Harvest gatherings, fall events, and holiday parties are upon us, so instead of boring store bought desserts, how about some yummy and exciting homemade sweets to brighten everyone’s day!

Start a Business Selling Chocolate!

Posted by Vincent Weaver on 10/11/2017

Americans, on average, consume close to 24 pounds of candy each year per person, about half of which is chocolate.  While this may not be surprising to you, did you know that being a chocolate aficionado can also turn into a money making venture? 

If one of your favorite interests is eating candy and chocolate, how about transforming that sweet enthusiasm into a booming business reality? 

Yowie Chocolate Toys Are Perfect for Birthday Parties

Posted by on 10/5/2017

Parties and playtime wouldn’t be complete without yummy candy and fun toys - such as Yowie Chocolate Characters!

Chocolate Yowie is not your ordinary candy.  Yowie chocolate toys are individually wrapped candy that is all natural, gluten free, ethically sourced and traded with Rainforest Alliance Certification.  You get three great values in one product: - 1 oz. of all natural quality chocolate, Premium Collectable, and a free Yowie App!

Weaver Nut Company Fall Chocolate Demos

Posted by Vincent Weaver on 7/6/2017

This year’s demos we will be teaching many useful things to know in a short period of time.  The demos are geared towards those getting started in chocolate making but we will also be discussing valuable procedures and tips that even a skilled chocolatier can learn from.