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Our Dietary Items Can Help Your Customers Achieve Their Peak Performance

Posted by Vincent Weaver on 8/8/2018

Summer, just like candy, is associated with happy and carefree times.

Many of us like to be extra adventurous in the summer, as well as be extra healthy and watch our diet – it is the beach and pool season, too, after all - while still enjoying the yummy treats, such as sweets and candy. 

Back to School Is Quickly Approaching – Is Your Store Stocked

Posted by Vincent Weaver on 7/16/2018

Where did the summer go? With the days getting shorter, the kids are getting stocked up on pens, paper, crayons and highlighters to prepare to go back to school. But are you stocked up on the essentials they need to make snack time perfect?

Four Delicious Recipes That Use Melted Chocolate

Posted by Vincent Weaver on 5/9/2018

During the season of graduation parties and summer picnics, snacks always taste better with melted chocolate on them and are a staple at any social gathering.

Here are a few of our quick and easy recipes that use our favorite ingredient, melted chocolate.

Savoring Timeless Treats

Posted by Vincent Weaver on 4/24/2018

At Weaver Nut, our passion and commitment has been offering the finest wholesale candy, snacks, nuts, and other bulk food items as a family run business since 1975. Serving our customers with the highest of quality, integrity, and enthusiasm, and making sure there is something to satisfy anyone’s standards, tastes, and needs is our daily goal.

In a Nutshell: All About Pecans

Posted by Vincent Weaver on 4/2/2018

Whether you call them Pee-Kahns, Pee-Cans, or Pee-Kins, there is more to this nut than meets the eye.

“Pecan” is derived from an Algonquin Indian word meaning “nut that must be cracked by stone”. Once a staple of the Native American Indian diet, it is fitting that some of the 500+ varieties of pecan, are named for prominent American Indian Tribes.