Chocolate is a treat that people enjoy no matter the time of year because it is never really out of season. Forecasts show that the global chocolate market is set to reach $182.09 billion by 2025.  With all the growth that is going to take place over the next several years, consumers are also looking for new and unique ways to get their chocolate.  

Weaver Nut has been in the wholesale chocolate business for quite some time.  We want to help you meet the demand for chocolate lovers that will come to you for new products and old favorites.  As a bulk chocolate supplier, we know that some of the best-selling products are foods dipped in chocolate.  We’ve compiled a list of 10 foods that taste better dipped in chocolate that may offer your customers a new experience, or bring them back to a great memory of sweet treats from the past.    

1.     Weaver Chocolates Dark Chocolate Covered Almond – Chocolate-covered nuts have always been a great product that people enjoy.  High-quality toasted almonds wrapped in velvety dark chocolate are a treat that people can indulge in without feeling too guilty.

2.     Weaver Nut Half Dipped Peanut Brittle Squares – The perfect twist on an old-fashioned treat.  The combination of crunchy peanut brittle and delicious milk chocolate can’t be beaten!  Customers who like sweet and savory will be sure to pick this one up!

3.     Weaver Chocolates Dark Chocolate Covered Raisin – A classic treat that has been enjoyed for decades, chocolate-covered raisins are a surefire hit!  These dark chocolate snacks will be perfect for all of your customers who may be watching more movies at home than at the theater.

4.     Weaver Chocolates Milk Chocolate Covered Banana Chip – Sweet crisp banana chips coated in rich milk chocolate are a great snack that straddles the line for customers looking for a “healthier alternative” when it comes to satisfying their sweet tooth.

5.     Asher’s Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peel – This unique offering from Asher’s is a gourmet treat that is sure to turn heads.  The zest from the candied orange peels pairs well with the decadent dark chocolate it is coated in.

6.     Kopper’s Pure Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears – A childhood favorite like gummy bears that is then covered in a layer of delectable smooth chocolate is a dream come true!  This great product from Kopper’s is a pleasant surprise for anyone who loves gummy candy and chocolate.

7.     Asher’s Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers – The delightful crunch of delicious graham crackers enveloped in mouthwatering chocolate makes for a great product that young and old will enjoy all the same.  Set them up in your store next to marshmallows to inspire your customers to put a new twist on an old classic.

8.     Weaver Chocolates Coated Mini Pretzel – Perhaps the king of chocolate-covered snacks, our chocolate-covered pretzels are second to none!  This is a must-have in your store if you have customers who are searching for a go-to chocolate-covered goodie!

9.     Asher’s Milk Chocolate Covered Oreo Cream Cookies – One of the most popular cookies has just been made better by covering it in chocolate!  Perfect for the ultimate chocolate lover, the grouping of one of America’s favorite cookies and silky chocolate is a match made in heaven!