An Argentine company, Arcor opened its doors to business in the USA in 1993, and ever since has been supplying kids and kids at heart with these delicious, timeless candies.

Some of their popular and recognizable candies are Arcor Strawberry Candy and Arcor Fruitfuls. But, did you know that Arcor is the maker of these old time favorites, as well?

  1. Arcor Bubble Gum Pop

Arcor Bubble Gum Deluxe Pop is one of the most fun treat for kids but also adults. Assorted bubble gum pops are available in four flavors: orange, strawberry, apple and grape.

Each Arcor bubble gum pop is individually wrapped. You start off with a delicious pop, and finish with a yummy and fun surprise - a bubble gum. Who knew that a small pop could hide such fun?

2. Butterscotch buttons

Delectable butterscotch buttons are individually wrapped hard candies – and a classic candy favorite!

Wonderful butterscotch flavor, so comforting, with a hint of vanilla and coconut flavors, create a powerful taste that lasts for a while as butterscotch buttons melt in your mouth.

Arcor Butterscotch Buttons are timeless candies that are great for any age and any occasion.

3. Cinnamon discs

For those of you who enjoy a little bite with their candy, Arcor Cinnamon Discs are the perfect choice! These cinnamon discs, wrapped in bright red wrappers for the fire-y effect, are spicy enough yet not too hot.

Very smooth and tasty, this simple hard candy with a mild cinnamon flavor is perfect to use as a quick pick me up, let’s say on a long flight, or even as a throat lozenge.

Cinnamon discs are just like some of us remember them when we were little, going to a store with our parent and getting a big bag of them – they certainly evoke feelings of the good old times.

4. Mint hard candy

Arcor Mint Crystal Hard Candy, from this highly acclaimed, world famous Candy Company, is a classic old-fashioned menthol candy. This refreshing candy is not too minty; it gives you a pleasant mild minty taste with a hint of lemon.

Nowadays, these silver mints - as they used to be called – are not as easy to find. Mint hard candy, also great for soothing a sore throat, is another good old candy with a hint of nostalgia.

5. Starlight peppermints

The Arcor version of starlight peppermint mints is many people’s favorites. These yummy candies are the perfect blend of peppermint and sweet taste.

Unlike some other brands candies that have a tendency to become sharp-edged as they melt in your mouth (even cause minor irritation or cuts), these mints remain soft on the edge as they melt.

Arcor Starlight peppermints will disappear quickly in any home or office, especially during holidays! They are great for all occasions and to carry with you. They can also help settle your stomach, not to mention the fresh breath they give you. One happy customer also reported that her horses love starlight peppermints, too!

Arcor candies make wonderful gifts for any occasion – especially for Holidays; they are a great addition to the candy dishes, and – they are great piñata fillers!

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