Chocolate, with its velvety sweetness that lingers on, will brighten up someone’s day.

Well, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and while there are so many delicious treats to sweetly celebrate this day, the following wholesale bulk chocolate products are bound to be the sweetest hit!

1. Weaver's Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries


This is a favorite type of sweets for so many women – because it’s delicious and good for women’s health.  Whole cranberries, juicy and delicious, encased in lush dark chocolate, provide a wonderful snack, satisfaction for sweet tooth, and a dose of healthy, too.

For ladies who watch their sugar intake, there’s a solution: Reduced Sugar Milk Chocolate Covered Cranberries – offering great flavors just with reduced sugar!

2. Weaver's Malt Balls Milk Chocolate


A favorite old-time candy treat to remind moms and grandmas of childhood moments!  These large malted milk balls are liberally smothered in silky milk chocolate.  

Great with cold milk or afternoon cup of java!

3.  No Sugar Added Milk and Dark Chocolate Bridge Mix


Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, raisins, peanuts, and almonds; voila - a delicious snack perfect even for those who want or need to stay away from sugar. 

Also, this no sugar added mix is a fun treat since there’s always a sense of sweet mystery – each bite is a surprise.

Chocolate Bridge Mix is an excellent addition to any party or gathering.  Actually, the name “bridge mix” comes from the snack mix that high society ladies would eat while playing bridge!

4.  Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans


Ladies seem to really like dark chocolate.  Now, add some top quality coffee beans to the chocolate goodness - and you have an exquisite treat for them!

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans contain coffee beans, first roasted espresso style, and then coated with top quality dark chocolate.  They have a rich chocolate flavor, followed by a surprising crunch and deep coffee aroma. 

It's a vanishing confectionary art, and we are super proud to be offering Weaver’s Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans.

5. Weaver Chocolates Dark Chocolate Covered Potato Chips


Chips are certainly one of America’s favorite snacks.   Now, dipped in rich dark chocolate, this all time favorite becomes an even more incredible treat – sweet and salty, indulgent and crunchy.

We have what it takes to enhance Mother’s Day celebrations - get your wholesale Weaver chocolates™ and other wholesale bulk chocolate products today: