Basmati rice is well worth learning about. 

Here are some important nutrients and health benefits of Basmati:

  • It’s more than rice; it’s considered a healthy ‘super grain’ 
  • It’s naturally gluten-free* (see note at the bottom)
  • It’s low in fat 
  • It contains essential amino acids and folic acid
  • It provides key nutrients such as iron, manganese and B-vitamins - niacin and thiamin; it’s recommended to soak the rice for 30 min before cooking in order to prevent loss of B-vitamin 
  • It’s very low in sodium; Basmati rice is aromatic and does not need to be enhanced with salt
  • It contains no cholesterol 
  • It’s lower in starch than other varieties, has a low to medium glycemic index - energy is released at a slower, steadier rate, giving a more balanced level of energy 
  • It does not raise blood sugar quickly for those with diabetes, according to The Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition 
  • The Basmati rice diet, especially using the brown grains, may help prevent or treat obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other health problems


Basmati literally means ‘the fragrant one’.  It has been described as having the aroma of sunbaked wood and flowers.

Unlike the regular long grain rice, the light, fluffy texture of Basmati’s grains offers a different taste and texture experience. It has a wonderful aroma, complex and unique characteristics, and a distinctive and slightly ‘nutty’ flavor.

Did you know that, just like some fine wines, Basmati actually improves with age? Storing and maturing Basmati rice for months, before carefully milling, brings out a deeper and richer flavor.

Basmati rice is extremely versatile and can be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes.  It easily absorbs other flavors, making it excellent companion to a lot of ingredients for many delicious recipes. 

When you cook with Basmati, you’ll have delicate and separate grains that never get too sticky. 

Basmati grain elongates during cooking to more than twice its dry size, but, unlike other types of rice, it only expands lengthways; the grains retain their long slender feature when cooked. 

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*For any product, unless Certified gluten-free, there is a possibility of cross contamination.  Always check the label.