Easter time is one of the topmost and prime candy buying times.  So, bring joy and smiles to your customers’ faces and drive even more sales with innovative and fresh visual merchandising.

Selling quality candy at fair prices is wonderful – yet not quite enough.  People are looking for unique customer experiences, which is what can set you apart from other retailers. 

Customers gravitate towards a well thought-out display.  When you change up your store for holidays and special events, and keep things fresh, you’ll find that customers really appreciate it and continue to choose you over competition that seems to be missing that element in their business.

Now is the time to start thinking about your store’s Easter displays, so you can make necessary changes that will perfectly accentuate the Easter theme.  And, as always, your specific (Easter, or any holiday) theme should be geared to your clientele.

So, get creative - customers value hard work and innovation, and your efforts and imagination will be rewarded!

Candy provides a wonderful color palette and a playful look, so working with candy to create attractive Easter displays can prove to be fun and rather simple.

This year why not offer even more fun candy – add characters from Frozen, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, to the classic mix of Peeps and Chocolate Bunnies, and watch how your sales soars.

Enhance your display by adding paper grass and a stuffed Easter bunny or two for the younger kids to enjoy.  You can place all of your smallest candy in baskets filled with colorful grass string, and also hang Easter egg baskets on your wall displays to, if appropriate, make your store a one-stop shop.


Encompass the freshness of nature and warmth of spring into your store – and beautifully capture the spirit of Easter. 

There are many ways to add hues of spring to your store, and one way is to hang pastel color tulle ribbon, a very inexpensive decorative accessory, from the ceiling or cover your display tables and baskets.

Let your display pop by placing colored tissue paper as bases underneath your candy, baskets, and bunnies.  Feel free to add spring bags decorated with images of flowers and birds, so your patrons can take this lovely reminder of your store with them.

It’s always a good idea to create three-dimensional displays, and present your Easter goodies at different height levels.  Stack candy on top of more candy – not only will this maximize the display space, but the layering effect will also draw the customer’s attention and invite them to take some candy from such abundance. 

Utilize stands, in particular circular stands as they offer more flow and ease of moving around them, clear acrylic risers and different sizes of gift boxes and baskets to make Easter merchandising appear abundant.

It’s fun to add Easter bunny cutouts, maybe a few blow-up rabbits that hang from the ceiling above your displays, and mix your products with crepe paper streamers.

Establish a color scheme for your Easter displays, and offer at least three to four different Easter candies of the same color, and - some customized confections.

You can even have customized signs for certain candy, describing why they are special!  Also, don’t forget to feature and emphasize local candy - visitors and locals love to discover products that reflect the area.  Old fashioned, retro and vintage candies evoke nostalgia and remind us of our childhood, so do make sure you offer some in your store.

So fill your containers with some Easter grass, add some delicious Easter candy, have unique bows and wrapping paper ready and have fun this Easter! 

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