Arcor company was born back in 1951 when a group of entrepreneurs, sons of Italian immigrants, opened the first candy factory in Arroyito, Argentina. They decided to call it “ARCOR”, a name made from the combination of the first two letters of the word “Arroyito” and the first three of “Cordoba”. Arcor opened its business in the USA in 1993.

Well, they’ve created those timeless, delicious candies that have become many people’s favorites; whether you tried them as a kid, during Christmas or at your grandma’s, you’ll never forget the fun and taste they provide.

One of the most popular is Arcor Strawberry Candy. This candy has an amazing strawberry flavor and a great soft chewy center. We heard someone describe it as a “magical elixir that causes euphoria and has a true-to-life strawberry flavor”

Also, you can enjoy these sweet tastes of strawberries knowing they are reasonably low in calories and, really, you only need to have one or two at a time (if you have sufficient self-control). They do make an ideal quick little sweet treat.

Then there are Arcor Fruitfuls - delicious individually wrapped hard candies with soft fruit filling that are a great pick me up. Arcor Fruitfuls candy features a hard shell with a delicious chewy center that tastes very natural. From the rustle of the wrapper to the last lingering speck of taste, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing experience. With excellent texture and full of authentic fruit flavors, this candy starts out smooth and yummy, followed by a fruit filled center that is also crunchy as it is surrounded by the hard candy that has softened. These Assorted Fruit Flavored Candies with a hint of nostalgia are everyone's favorite.

Arcor candy make a wonderful addition to the candy dishes, be it on the coffee tables or desks, at receptions and waiting rooms – who doesn’t appreciate some sweet surprise? These candies are also great as gifts. Arcor - a sweet and nostalgic candy that invokes good memories and invites nice moments.

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