We’ve heard this over and over again: “Best Gummies out there.  They are called "world’s best" for a good reason!”  

Yes, for over three decades, Albanese Candy Company has been making the World's Best Gummies and Candies right here in the United States.

Their gummies and candies are produced with only the highest quality ingredients, which is why they taste so fresh and so good; the ingredients are sourced exclusively from American and European growers; for instance, Albanese Candy Nut Clusters are made with Virginia peanuts, and their Chocolate Covered Cherries are made with Michigan cherries.

Did you know that you can always tell the World's Best Gummies by checking their bellies?  Because they are so great, all Albanese Bears get the “A” stamped right on their belly before they leave the factory!

Here’s a look through history and some interesting facts about Albanese Candy Company.

Don't Say It Can't Be Done!

In 1998, Albanese develops a new technology to allow for greater flavor release from gelatins.

Pucker Up!

In 2001, Albanese Candy innovation brings an even sourer flavor to their gummies.

The Winner is...

In 2002, Albanese won the Professional Candy Buyer's Product of the Year award recognizing the company for innovation in gummie candies.


In 2003, Albanese Candy Company brought back the almost forgotten craft of rotogravure printing for use on all their packaging.


In 2006, Albanese Candy was again selected for the Product of The Year in the non-chocolate category.

First & Finest

In 2006, Albanese Candy Company received the prestigious Technology Award for introducing Omega 3 Fish Oil into their gummies.

Most Nominated?

In 2008, yet another nomination for Product of The Year in the non-chocolate category. They may be the most nominated company!


In 2011, upon exceeding the most demanding State requirements, Albanese Candy was approved by the FDA for a Vegetable/Fruit snack for the school lunch program.

Photos: Albanese Gummie Jey Air Planes and Albanese Awesome Gummie Blossoms Assorted

Albanese Gummie bears are soft, chewy, and bursting with individual and very distinguishable flavors.

Albanese Candy comes in many flavors, colors and shapes – another reason why they have such a big fan base!  They also have something for almost any occasion - Albanese Gummie Christmas Snowmen And Trees for Christmas, Albanese Gummie Jet Air Planes for airplane lovers or a themed party, Albanese Large and Mini Gummie Butterflies perfect for a girl’s Birthday or candy buffets at weddings, Albanese Yogurt Covered Animal Crackers for animal lovers, Albanese Gummie Pumpkins great for Thanksgiving and Halloween, or Albanese Red And White Sour Gummi Hearts to melt someone’s heart – to name a few.

Albanese Candy, a great on the go treat, a quick fix for your sweet tooth, a lovely gift, or gift add-on, and cherished by so many generations. 


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