Can You Guess What Our Top 10 Selling Products Were in 2017?

At Weaver Nut, our passion and commitment has been offering the finest wholesale candy, snacks, nuts, and other bulk food items as a family run business since 1975.  Serving our customers with quality, integrity, and enthusiasm, and making sure there’s something to satisfy anyone’s standards, tastes, and needs is our daily goal. 

With the beginning of the New Year, we like to do a recap of the previous year to see what items were most sought after, so we can continue to make sure we have the favorites in stock for our customers to keep enjoying. 

Here is the list of our Top 10 Selling Products in 2017:

1. Dried Cranberries 25 LB

Dried cranberries are popular in trail mixes, salads, and breads, with cereals or eaten on their own.  They provide a convenient, easy way to incorporate fruit into your diet, especially when on the go.

2. Nonpareil, Maxi White (Semi Sweet Chocolate) 25 LB, by Kargher

Chocolate Nonpareils are one of the most popular unwrapped chocolates, and Kargher Maxi Semi Sweet Chocolate Nonpareils are our best selling kind.

3. Ginger Cut Candy (Clear Wrap) 30 LB, by Primrose

Primrose Ginger Cut Hard Candy Clear Wrap is made with natural ginger oil.  This old fashioned candy is spicy and sweet, and perfect for parties, gifting, and when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

4. Peanut Brittle 20 LB, by Weaver Nut

Weaver Nut Peanut Brittle is thin, crunchy and loaded with freshly roasted Virginia peanuts.

5. Pretzel, Dark Mini 15 LB, by Weaver Chocolates

Covered in our own signature dark chocolate flavored coating, this pretzel is a heavenly goodness for pretzel and chocolate lovers.  Dark, sublime chocolate-flavored coating paired with the fresh, salty crunch of a freshly baked mini pretzel creates unforgettable morsels of deliciousness.

6. Red Swedish Fish, 6/5 LB, by Mondelez

Mondelez Red Swedish Fish is a classic candy that’s flavorful and quite unique with its fish-shaped look, boasting a vibrant red color.

7. Mini Red Swedish Fish, 6/5 LB, by Mondelez

8. Sour Neon Gummy Bear 6/5 LB, by Land Of The Gummies

These cute, little, vibrantly colored bears pack a sour punch! They are a sugar sanded American classic, bright neon bears that come In Strawberry, Cherry, Apple, Lemon, Orange, and Raspberry flavors.

9. Wasabi Oriental Mix 15 LB, by Weaver Nut

Weaver Nut Wasabi Oriental Mix is a fun and tasty mixture of Roasted Salted Fava Bean, Natural Peanut Crunchies, Green Wasabi Peas, Cheese Coated Sticks, Noshies, Mini Pretzels Balls, Green Wasabi Peas, Green Fried Peas, Red Chili Bits and Natural Green Wasabi Peas.

10. Pretzel, Yogurt Covered 15 LB, by Weaver Chocolates

Weaver Chocolates Yogurt Covered Pretzels are an irresistible snack!  It’s a tantalizing combination of smooth, creamy, tangy and sweet, pure white yogurt and a salty, crispy mini pretzel.  The sweetness combined with the big salty crunch of the pretzel makes this snack a winner in anyone’s book.

At Weaver Nut Company Inc., we take pride in being a wholesale supplier who offers the finest products ranging from candy to coffee beans in bulk, and stand by the motto “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”.  Still, since your satisfaction is our priority, we also love to see you save, so we strive to offer our products at the best prices available.

Stock up on your favorites, or try some new candy, sweets, snacks, and other Weaver Nut’s quality products today: