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If variety is any indication of our passion for providing delicious and unique candies to our customers, then you can be assured that your wholesale candy buying experience with us will be stellar. If you want it, we've got it. Gummies of every imaginable shape, size and color? Check. Chocolate covered almonds, candy coated sunflower seeds or chocolate covered gummies? Check. Stick candy and other old fashioned candies from your childhood that you forgot even existed? Check. Crisp bars of creamy, luscious chocolate stuffed with equally luscious fillings? Check. Enough tantalizingly colorful candies to make you lose yourself in sugar heaven? Double check. The beautiful thing about buying candy in bulk is that we have the ability to provide you and your customers with an astonishing assortment of candy without the added cost. Our bulk candy is ideal for repackaging and retailing in any store, for candy tables at weddings and birthday parties, or for grandmas trying to gain a little extra love from the grandchildren. Our selection of wholesale candy, when transferred to your store, will have youngsters and their willing chaperones giddily filling their carts with a wide variety of candy that nobody could have guessed could come from a nut company.