Even as long back as 3,000 years ago, evidence from Egyptian hieroglyphics shows us that sugar confectionery existed as an art form. However, throughout the history, candies used to be enjoyed only by those whose diet or health would allow. To have sugar free options available, as we do nowadays, has brought many sweet feelings to so many people! Recent years have also seen a growing number of health conscious people who are changing their lifestyle and diet even further – they seek carb free option! Not only can you now choose to buy candy with no sugar, you can also select from a myriad of different flavors and styles, and find carb free candies, too!

We present you Eda's Sugar Free Candies – high quality and wonderfully flavored candies made with a refreshing sugar substitute, which occurs naturally in many fruits and berries. What’s more, they contain no sugar, salt, cholesterol, or trans fats, and have zero net carbs!

Also, you need not worry about the quality of the taste – these sugar and carb free candies are as delicious and inviting as are candies that contain sugar. They are just as good as the real thing so no one should deprive themselves of delectable candies - they will surely satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Having no bad or strange aftertaste is actually one of their “6 No’s” (together with No Sugar, No Salt, No "net" Carbs, No Glutens, and No Fats)!

Also, all of Eda's candies meet the highest standards of Kosher certification.

So next time you need a sweet pick me up, or would like to give a gift to friends or relatives who love candy but cannot handle the sugar or carbs, think carb free assortment candy basket - it will make a lovely and thoughtful gift!

From fruit flavored candy to playful and fun flavors such as pina colada and butter rum, there are plenty of carb free candies to satisfy anyone’s tastes and needs. Browse through our Eda’s wholesale sugar free candy and carb free candy today: