If you have a retail business, you know how vital it is to have a wholesale supplier who’s trustworthy and provides good quality products at fair prices.  Finding a good wholesaler can prove to be a difficult task - especially when it comes to bulk food and candy. 

A store looking for a quality bulk food and candy supplier should take into consideration quite a few very important factors, such as:

  • Quality – does the supplier offer good quality items?
  • Consistency – is the quality of products consistent?
  • Food Safety - what measures does the supplier take to ensure your products are safe and protected? 
  • Distribution – are your orders delivered successfully and efficiently? 
  • Order Turnaround - can you pick up the phone and order the product you need and have it shipped that same day? 

Retail shops need a trustworthy wholesale supplier who at the minimum checks all of the above; otherwise - their customers are most likely going to leave poor reviews!

We live in a digital world where information is shared constantly and rapidly, and online reviews play a major role in people’s buying processes.  If someone doesn’t have a good shopping experience or the product is sub par, chances are, there’re going to be a negative review reflecting it.

So, businesses are wise to take all the precautionary steps in order to get positive reviews and repeat clientele.

In addition to providing quality products and timely deliveries, consistently, there are some other important aspects of staying on top of your game in the wholesale industry.

Weaver Nut Company, Inc. is your trusted Importer & Distributor of Candies, Chocolates & Confections, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Coffees & Teas, Spices, Snacks and Bulk Foods from around the world.

We take a great pride in our reputation of a stellar wholesale supplier of quality products.


You can rest assured Weaver Nut also provides:

  • Finest and Unique Products
  • Great Prices
  • Great Customer Service
  • Guarantee of Satisfaction

At Weaver Nut, not only do we have a vast array of different products at great prices, but also every member of our team is highly trained on all products and offer customer specific technology and efficiencies. 

Also, when you call us a real person will answer, and, if you become our regular customer, we will get to know you one on one and truly be there for your retail needs. Our customer service representatives treat every customer the way they would want to be treated and served - with quality, integrity and enthusiasm.

Since Weaver Nut buys directly from trusted and reputable processors who use the latest technology, this ensures our products are graded and processed in a manner that warrants consistency and a safe food product.  Food safety is a big part of our focus as we take measures to minimize risks of recalls and unexpected expenses later on.


Weaver Nut Company is very competitive in the industry as a large distributor of bulk food products and strives to keep prices stable throughout the year.

Looking for an efficient and reputable wholesale supplier who will help you get only the finest reviews?  Weaver Nut is a family run business since 1975 that guarantees fresh products and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products.

Visit Weaver Nut today and shop our wide selection of wholesale food itemshttp://www.weavernut.com/