While the Fourth of July seems like it is a while away, it marks the halfway point of summer and is the biggest party the season has to offer. Is your store prepared for the largest and most anticipated party of the summer? With a very patriotic theme, your clients will be on the hunt for items to make their July 4th celebration something to remember.


Color coordinate your shelves with a sea of red, white and blue. From single color jelly beans to chocolate gems to licorice twists, there are an abundant options to color organize your shelves and patriotic themes to your customers.


Need a little inspiration? Check out these yummy and simple recipes that will please any candy lover.



American Flag Goodie Bags from the kitchen of Brit + CO




     ·      1 Hershey’s Cookies N’Cream Chocolate Bar

     ·      Licorice Twists

     ·      1 bag of Blue Chocolate Gems




     ·      Tape

     ·     Clear plastic goodie bags




1.     Pour a handful of blue chocolate gems into the bottom (or left side) of your goodie bag.

2.     Separate the chocolate bar into stripes using a knife.

3.     You’ll probably need to cut off part of the chocolate depending on the size of your goodie bag. Same goes for the licorice. Cut everything to size.

4.     Slide it into the bag, seal with scotch tape, and you’re done!



Chocolate Cookie Candy Pretzel Bark from the kitchen of A Family Feast


Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes




     ·      14 whole Oreo cookies, broken up into quarters

     ·      1 ½ cups pretzel sticks, broken into pieces

     ·      1 pound white chocolate candy melts

     ·      1 cup Red, White, and Blue candy-coated chocolate candies

     ·      Colored sprinkles




        1.     Cover a large cookie sheet with a non-stick baking mat or a large piece of wax paper.

        2.     Spread the cookie and pretzel pieces evenly onto the mat or wax paper.

      3.     Melt the white chocolate – either in the microwave or over a double boiler – until smooth and fully melted.

       4.     Drizzle the melted chocolate over the cookie-pretzel mixture, making sure it evenly coats the cookie and pretzel pieces. If necessary, use a spatula to evenly spread the melted chocolate.

       5.     While the chocolate is still wet, sprinkle the candy pieces and sprinkles evenly over the chocolate, pushing the candy down a bit if necessary to make sure that it is embedded in the melted chocolate.

       6.     Let cool until the chocolate firms up. Peel the bark from the wax paper and break into small pieces.

        7.     Store in an air tight container.

        8.     Enjoy!


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