Gummy candy manufacturer Trolli was the first to develop the gummy worm, back in the early 1980s.

The idea was to give children something yummy and fun to eat, while providing a mild shocking effect on parents and other adults.  Well, it may have been initially shocking, even a little disgusting to look at, yet a gummy worm has since come a long way to become one of the most popular gummy characters around.

The birth of gummy worms has sparked a gummy candy revolution of its kind.

Today, gummy candy lovers enjoy many different gummy “animals”, as well as different shapes and colors.  Still, gummy worms have wiggled their way into the lives of gummy-lovers all over the world, and they are certainly here to stay.

The variety of gummy candy is vast, but gummy worms continue to be the second-most popular candy of its kind, after the gummy bears.  To keep them fun and enticing, different flavors of gummy worms have been introduced, making them even more out of this world!

We present - the wondrous Land Of The Gummies, where yummy gummy worms await to be discovered by candy lovers. 

The assorted gummy worms come in beautiful colors.  They possess translucent bodies that are glossy and fresh looking.  Bursting with flavors of cherry/lemon and orange/green apple, assorted gummy worms offer a delightful softness paired with that perfect gummy chew.  They are exactly what you or your customers are looking for in a gummy worm!


If you’re a fan of sour candy, we have a perfect one for you.  Land of the Gummies® sour mini gummy worms are the perfect treat for the gummy enthusiasts.  They are also smaller in size and have a creamy opaque appearance that boasts vibrant colors with pastel hues, making them less “shocking” and more sweetly adorable.  Each color offers a distinct tart flavor profile of blue raspberry, lemon, lime, orange and cherry.  Every mini worm is covered with mouthwatering sour sand and provides a soft gummy bite. 

And now a little tip to make the gummy worms even more fun for the kids: place a gummy worm in a container or a glass jar and fill it with water.  You’ll be able to see the gummy worm grow in size over the next three to six days.  Kids will enjoy seeing their gummy worm grow bigger and bigger.  The fun is to watch this, but it won’t be fun to eat this ballooned worm, so make sure you toss it after the end of the experiment.

At Weaver Nut, we offer a vast line-up of Land Of The Gummies inhabited with various bulk gummies, including gummy worms, filled gummy animals and other gummy candy. 

We invite you to visit all the vibrantly colored animals and other shapes, and select your favorites, or pick a new flavor (or shape!) to try today!

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