America will forever be known as the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” and it should be commemorated, revered and      respected. 

The freedom we enjoy in this country is something that many people take great pride in celebrating.  There is no bigger occasion where people celebrate freedom than the 4th of July.  It’s a holiday that evokes strong emotions of happiness and honor. Weaver Nut Company wants to help your business capture the hearts and minds of your customers as you help them celebrate Independence Day this year and for years to come. 

Buying wholesale candy and foods now can help you gear up early and get ahead of the competition this year.  We have compiled a list of our favorite products for customers that admire the Red, White & Blue, which we hope you can use to show customers that your store is the place to go for everything 4th of July. 

In turn, we hope that when you go to buy bulk candy online, you turn to us, Weaver Nut Company.  We have close to one hundred patriotic products to share that you can see right here

We’re going to take the time to go through a few of them now, so read on!

1.     Blueberry Or Cherry Yogurt Covered Pretzels – Delicious crunchy pretzels enveloped in sweet yogurt with a hint of blueberry or cherry flavor.  How could you go wrong!  A snack that will have your customers eating with their eyes the second they see them, pretzels are a treat that has been enjoyed in America for many years.  Add a splash of color and they’re perfect for a 4th of July themed party!

2.     Concord Baseball Bubble Gum – America’s favorite pastime has always been baseball.  It has been synonymous with America for nearly two hundred years.  Many of us can remember playing little league or with family and friends at a picnic.  Now this great game can be memorialized in candy form!  This chewy gum will have you looking like a major leaguer ready to catch a fly ball or throw a strike this 4th of July!

3.     Kerry Ingredients Red, White or Blue Decorettes – The possibilities are endless when it comes to how customers can use these!  Whether its enjoying a 4th of July themed ice cream sundae bar, putting them in a batch of freshly baked cookies or topping a delicious cake covered in frosting, these are sure to be a hit!  Customers can get creative with the individual colors, or even get them all together with our Kerry Ingredients All American Mix Decorettes.

4.     Adams & Brooks 3” Rainbow Whirly Pops 1.5 oz – These lollipops scream nostalgia and classic Americana.  Reminiscent of an older and simpler time, this iconic candy is a must have for a 4th of July party.  Lollipops have always been a big hit with children and these can even take some adults on a stroll down memory lane.  Stock up on these today because they are sure to go fast!

5.     Land Of The Gummies Gourmet Filled Gummy Soda Bottles – Few things are better than an ice cold sweet soda on a hot summer day.  Coming in three distinct flavors, Classic Cola, Old Fashioned Cream Soda and Cherry Soda, this candy will bring a smile to just about everyone’s face.  These will quench anyone’s thirst for a sweet gummy treat! 

Remembering our great country and the pride we all share is an epic way to bring everyone together.  Independence Day is perhaps the most important holiday in our nation’s history and it has always been a time when family and friends gather to celebrate America.  We hope that you check out all of our Patriotic themed products that we have gathered!  Weaver Nut Company wants to be the only place you shop for bulk candy online.  Our great selection of wholesale candy and foods is unmatched.  Check out all of our seasonal products here and order today!