You make sure you offer fresh, quality bulk food items, and your customers love you for that. Next, you want to also display your products with pride, and attract even more buyers.

What you use to keep your items in cannot only help create visually appealing setting; it can also be vital for your products safety and freshness.

A lot of people ask this question: containers vs. bags?

If it’s for the freshness reason, they both offer about the same shelf life. If the bags you use are air tight sealed with a heat sealer, then the bagged product would have a longer shelf life. However, most people respond to a good visual and convenience. If you are concerned with the look that bags would give your products, and you respect ease of use – it’s time to get some containers for your store.

The most important reasons to choose containers include:

  • Food safety

  • Visual quality

  • Practicality

We all know how crucial it is to store the food safely without loss.

To ensure your products are “shelf-stable” - meaning they will not change in quality or nutrient levels, consider our wide selection of clear plastic containers. Your goods will have easy time being safe in sealed containers

It is easier to store dried foods in sealed containers such as safe-t-fresh. Especially when it comes to herbs and spices, flour, brans, grits, meals and cereals, rice, dried fruits, nuts and sweets – sealed containers could help save you time when packing especially when packing sticky dried fruits as the containers offer a wide opening and easier method to fill them than most bags do.

Clear plastic containers will also give your goods an attractive appearance and provide them the platform to actively sell themselves.

Our containers are transparent and will allow your customers to see what’s inside. You wouldn’t want to hide freshness and quality of your goods, would you? So instead of hiding them behind a fancy label and colorful and expensive packaging - let our bulk foods speak for themselves.

Containers provide a much cleaner appearance. Your aisles and shelves will look tidier, and the store will overall look nicer and cleaner.

Also, there’s the convenience.

Simply and effortlessly fill up a container and top it with a lid – and, voila, let the sales begin. They are convenient for storing in your customers pantries, easily stackable and re-sealable (unlike most bags). Our customers who already use these containers in their retail stores love their strength and simple beauty.

Give your bulk food the opportunity to do all the talking; we are sure your customers will love it, too.

Depending on the actual products you sell and the overall visual merchandizing of your store, you can choose from round and rectangular form, from makers such as Solo and Safe-T-Fresh brands.

When choosing the container size, use those that provide adequate space without excess air space. Again, making sure the goods stay fresh is everyone’s priority. Our sealed containers are available in sizes of 8 ounces all the way up to 64 ounces.

Weaver Nut Company, Inc., offers a wide selection of clear, sealable plastic containers, including safe-t-fresh containers

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