Holidays are the perfect time for selling candy. It’s the time of year when children and adults of all ages excitedly explore candy store shelves and fill their baskets with marvelous sweets. 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to stock up and start adorning your store with delicious holiday joys and end of year sales! 

Here are some tips on how to merchandise your store, delight your customers, and earn more revenue this holiday season: 

For a successful holiday shopping season, as a retailer, you need to have a strong merchandising plan, delivery schedules, fully stocked displays and, if applicable, off-site warehousing, merchandise displays, product-specific fixtures, shopping themes and quality signage. 

More specifically:

Have Enough Product On Hand:

Stock up with four to five times as much product as you expect in sales for the season, with an abundance of product choices, so each customer can find something they like or need.  Keep your display fully stocked and your back stock handy and organized.  

Feature New Arrivals First:

Starting with the display area closest to your store’s front door, place your newest and most expensive items in the spotlight.  Create several levels of height and put enough products, so that the customer can take them without having to totally dismantle your display.

Showcase The “Wants”:

Instead of highlighting products the customers already needs, entice them with the things they want.

Arrange by Product Use:

Display together all items related to brewing and drinking coffee and tea, or making a chocolate cake, etc.

Pay Attention to The Color Scheme:

Display products by contrasting colors, or the strongest color combinations to attract attention (such as red, white, and black); also, you can add strong background color with low-cost temporary backboards that give your products a color contrast, so they pop.  Remember, our eyes quickly register the point and move on, so stay away from a monochromatic display.

Carry Unique Items:

Among your core mainstream product, fill-in your offerings with a beautiful and eye-catching display of some new and unique products that are hard to find elsewhere; or, highlight the most unique aspects of your merchandise with the right professional signage.  Give your customers the opportunity to find something new and delightful at your store!

Align Your Products:

Our eyes typically scan from left to right, so align your products like that, starting with products that might not sell right away on the left, and the products you’re focused on selling to the right, so they’re the last thing they see before moving on.  Also, pair up slow-moving items with complementary products and repackage as a special buy to get them out the door. 

Make It Easy to Shop:

Customers like stores that are easy to shop, so have your products arranged and grouped appropriately.  

Have Price Tags:

Make sure all of your stock is priced, so customers don’t need to ask how much something is, especially during the very busy holiday season.

Have Well-Designed Signage:

They should be clear, so customers understand what’s on sale, and what the price for each item is; they should also be attractive and eye-catching.

Keep It Clean:

Your displays and the whole store should be tidy and dust and clutter free.  Make sure to keep all your merchandise and fixtures clean - dirty and dusty products are likely not to sell.

Keep It Bright and Happy:

Light your display, adjust overheard lighting or create more light from below with small spotlights to make the merchandise pop.  Replace any blown light bulbs promptly to keep your displays bright and cheery.

If you have a Christmas display, make sure you remove it in a reasonable time after the holiday is over. Leaving a holiday display up longer than needed causes customers to question if you keep your store updated.

For those who love pre-made gifts – make sure you have a variety of fun, well thought-out specialty gift sets. Attractively pre-wrapped gifts can make great props and help set the holiday mood for your display, in addition to being a handy selling tool. If the pre-wrapped gifts don’t sell, they still served you well as props.

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