Do you like the idea of buying in bulk but dread having to package, label and price the products? We completely understand that feeling and have created the perfect solution!

We here at Weaver Nut Company Inc. would like to introduce to you our new Twist Bags and Tubs program. This is an easy program that removes all of the packaging stress and worries away from you and in the hands on dedicated and committed Weaver Nut professionals. With over 200 products to choose from, the options are endless.

All you need to do is pick the items you want packaged and we take care of the rest. From packaging the bulk goods into your choice of twist bags or clear tubs to labeling the items with ingredients, nutritional information and barcode, we have you covered! The twist bags are also pre-priced for your convenience.  

By having Weaver Nut pre-package the snacks and goodies in twist bags and tubs for you, you will be saving time, energy and money! Also, by having the items pre-packaged, they can be available on your shelves faster and with more efficiency.

At Weaver Nut Company Inc. we take pride in offering exemplary customer service and are committed to a goal of delivering the finest products ranging from candy to coffee beans in bulk to our customers at the best prices available. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Since we truly believe that "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten", we search the world over to find the finest products ranging from the newest snack sensations to traditional products like bulk spices and seasonings.

For more information about our Twist Bag and Tub Program or any of our high quality products, contact us at 717- 738-3781. We are always here for you!