With so many people actively using social media every day, it should come as no surprise that more businesses are looking to platforms like Instagram to reach out to their audience.  Posting trendy pictures and videos is the name of the game.  Connecting with people and getting as many likes and follows as possible will give your store exposure.  Whether it is to attract new customers, or to promote a new product, Instagram has become one of the best places to build your business.  With nearly five hundred million people logging in every day, and nearly 1 billion people logging in every month, Instagram can help you push your brand to new heights.  What exactly does it take to make something Instagram worthy?

When users post to Instagram, they want to have photos that are memorable, unique, and that grab people’s attention.  Keeping this in mind when setting up a display or a wall of products is key.  Having a way to keep customers engaged will help give relevance to your business on Instagram. 


Here are some simple things you can do to make your store Instagram worthy:


  1. Feature the area or product you want to promote


Make sure to highlight specific merchandise or a display on a wall, so your customers know it's an opportunity to make a post.  Having a scenic backdrop or patterned wallpaper by a display will make for a great photo.  Make sure the area is well lit with natural light if possible and remember to be creative, but keep things simple.  Make sure the area is free of clutter, so that the focus is on the product.


  1. Have the right signage and use it creatively


Using things like chalkboards that have colorful and vibrant lettering or a sign with an inspirational quote or pop culture reference is sure to catch people’s eye.  Creative word art displays are an easy way to promote a product.  If you can find a way to tie it in, it's a sure-fire way to get customers to want to post.



  1. Posting to Instagram should be encouraged


Not only should customers want to post on Instagram about your store or product, but you should want them too as well!  Incorporating the Instagram logo with your display for a product will be a subtle way to tell your customer this is a product you're promoting. Include things like your store's location, your Instagram username and a hashtag to engage your customer even more.


  1. Incentivize the customer to make posts


Giving your customer a good reason to post might prompt them to do so more frequently.  Giving a small discount to customers who post on Instagram about your store or a product can get some traction.  It's a great way to get more exposure and create some great engagement.


These are a few of the different ways to make your store more Instagram Worthy.  In today's changing landscape of marketing and technology, it can be tough to make yourself stand out among the crowd.  Following these steps will not only help you promote products, but create an experience for the customer that will have them sharing in no time.  Take a look at Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks Instagram page for some great photos of our products and displays to inspire you.