Here we listed some of the most sought after and loved summer candy to have in your store this season:

1.  Land of the Gummies Small Gummy Pineapple

Absolutely adorable looking, party and luau-loving gummy full of sun-ripened flavor of tangy pineapple!

This is a perfect summer candy that not only tastes amazing, but will also add a burst of happy, vibrant colors to any event this summer.

2.  Fiesta Candy Coated Chocolate Beach Pebbles

What a unique, masterfully designed candy!  Inspired by beautiful whitewashed granite pebbles at Hampton and Rye beaches, these Chocolate Beach Pebbles are just the candy to give as favors at beach and island themed weddings and events.

They look like real beach stones, with beautifully created hues of grey, blue, and white. This perfectly crunchy coat surrounds a smooth milk chocolate middle that nicely melts in your mouth.

Also, lovely Fiesta Candy Coated Chocolate Seashells will make a stunning addition to any beach themed party!

3.  Sweet's All American Salt Water Taffy Kisses

Cool down with this sweet, yet refreshing candy bursting with peppermint flavor.

Individually wrapped and with lovely design, All American Salt Water Taffy Kisses are great for parades, picnics, and summer parties.


For customers with sugar intolerance or low carb preference, make sure you also keep Sweet's Sugar Free Assorted Salt Water Taffy Kisses.

Sugar-free taffy candies come in Strawberry, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Peppermint and Vanilla flavors, also individually wrapped.

4.  Reppert's Flag (Red, White & Blue) Coconut Strips

July 4th is just around the corner – how well stocked is your store with some yummy, patriotic candy? 

Reppert's Flag Coconut Strips is the perfect addition to any Independence Day celebration, indoor and outdoor cookout, picnic, and theme party. 

This candy bursts with coconut and vanilla flavors, and features a bright strip of pure coconut that looks and tastes delicious combined with blue and red.

5.  Land of the Gummies Gummy Summer Favorites Gift Tray

Finally, Land of the Gummies Gummy Summer Favorites Gift Tray offers an eye-pleasing assortment of best summer gummies and will make it really easy for your customers who will host a party this summer, and anyone looking for a sweet, beautiful gift!


Each Gummy Summer Favorites tray consists of delicious Filled Sea Animals, Watermelon Slices, Gummy Ice Cream Cones, Assorted Gummy Sharks, Pink and Orange Starfish, and Gummy Strawberries – together, they will please every taste bud. 

Whether it's for 4th of July, Labor Day, wedding celebration, or a breezy summer weekend, make sure your store features summer candy for buffets, party favors, piñatas, and more!

We have many more favorite summer candy in our sweet selection - find best candy for summer and other delicious treats right here, and stock up in time for summer: