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Noshies Peanut Crunchies

The snack food aisles of the average grocery store are jam-packed with many kinds of snacks, but variety is surprisingly slim for the ever-increasing insatiable palette of the American consumer; allow us to supply you with the tools to give your consumers unique snacks, such as wasabi peanuts, to kick-start a whole new and exciting world of snacking. Americans are always on the prowl for a new food to reinvigorate their taste buds. We, consequently, are always on the lookout for new and exciting foods that we are sure will be best-sellers and fly wildly off your shelves. We have found that our customers love the crunchiness and cheesy flavor of our oriental rice crackers. Our world-wide scouting has come to find that these Chinese-made crackers are the perfect foil to everything from peanuts and cheese crackers to spicy wasabi peas and pretzel balls. Our own developed and house-made rice cracker mix is guaranteed to be like nothing you have ever experienced before. While major snack companies may stick with repackaging the same old snacks, we are always experimenting to branch off into the exotic and innovative so that your snack aisles will always be bursting with diverse offerings for the adventure-seeking shopper.
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Wasabi Oriental Mix 10 oz Tubs
# 00782T
Pack Size: 18 CT $51.28
Wasabi Oriental Mix 10 oz Twist Bags
# 00782TB
Pack Size: 24 CT $55.18
Rice Cracker Cheese Stick with Sesame Seeds
# 00562
Pack Size: 18 LB $38.61
Natural Peanut Crunchies with Sesame Seeds
# 00557
Pack Size: 17.6 LB $43.46
Whole Fried Lightly Salted Green Peas Malaysian
# 00548
Pack Size: 22 LB $35.09
Yellow Chickpeas Roasted Salted
# 00193
Pack Size: 22 LB $60.31
Yellow Chickpeas Roasted Unsalted
# 00192
Pack Size: 22 LB $59.35
Natural Wasabi Green Peas
# 00544
Pack Size: 2/11 LB $37.51
Red Spicy Cajun Chili Bits
# 00547
Pack Size: 22 LB $42.35
Wasabi Fried Green Peas China
# 00521
Pack Size: 22 LB $43.32
Weaver Nut Wasabi Oriental Mix
# 00782
Pack Size: 15 LB $36.96
Oriental Rice Cracker Noshie Mix
# 00546
Pack Size: 22 LB $35.09
Wasabi Fried Green Peas Malaysian
# 00549
Pack Size: 22 LB $43.32
Green Wasabi Peanut Crunchies
# 00545
Pack Size: 22 LB $47.19