Through the years we have brought you blogs that we thought would be engaging, interesting or bring some amount of value to you as a reader.  We wanted to take a look back at all of our blogs to see which ones you were reading the most.  We’ve taken the 5 most read blogs of 2019 and compiled them here to give you a chance to read them if you missed out the first time around, or give them a second look to gain more understanding on a reread. 


What do you think were the most read blogs of 2019?  Let’s find out together!

1.     'Brand Spotlight' - Arcor Candy - What Is It And Why Is It So Popular? – We work with many companies and brands from all over the globe to bring you the best products at prices that are affordable.  One of the great brands we work closely with is Arcor Candy.  In business for more than 60 years, Arcor was started in 1951 by a group of Italian immigrants who had moved to Argentina.  They began their entrepreneurial journey in the city of Arroyito in the Córdoba province or Argentina.  These humble beginnings helped form the company, taking the first parts of the city and the province for their name.  This great blog post gives us a glimpse in to Arcor and some of the great products they sell.  They’re such a popular brand that this isn’t the only time they have a great blog we will feature in this post!  Keep reading to find out more!


2.     Health Benefits Of Banana Chips – Who would have thought that a snack like banana chips would be so beneficial?  Banana chips are a tasty, crunchy and wonderful snack that almost anyone can enjoy!  Aside from the benefit of being a delicious treat, they are also a great source of fiber, iron and potassium.  This blog did a great job of explaining some of the health benefits that banana chips have as well as some of the different ways you can include them in the things you might eat every day.  Take a look at this great post to give you the 411 on why banana chips are so great!


3.     Delivering The Best Bulk Candy & Wholesale Nuts Since 1975 – Weaver Nut has had the great honor of bringing you quality products at affordable prices for over 44 years.  We hope to continue being your source for bulk candy and nuts for years to come.  In this wonderful blog, we give you a bit of insight in to the modest start we had, how we’ve grown over the years and the goals we have to please all of our fantastic customers.  We know that what we posted in this blog is as true today as it has been in the past, and will be in the future.


4.     These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Snacks – Chocolatey cashews are packed full of flavor.  Yogurt on pretzels the taste that you savor.  Five of the candies you loved to the max.  These are a few of our favorite snacks!  Now that’s an opening even Julie Andrews would be proud of!  We think all of the products we carry are wonderful and would list all of them as our favorites if we could.  Since we had to narrow it down though, we gave you some of the ones we enjoy and think you would too!  When we wrote this blog, we wanted to showcase what we thought were some great snacks that bring a smile to our faces just thinking about them.  What are the tope five snacks you crave every day?


5.     5 Candies You Probably Didn't Know Were Made By Arcor Candy Company – Rounding out our list of the 5 most read blogs of 2019 we have a great post about the wonderful products of Arcor Candy.  You would be surprised to know that some classic candies throughout the years are made by this wonderful candy maker.  Timeless candies like Butterscotch Buttons and Peppermint Starlight Mints are just some of the great candies they make.  This excellent blog gives you 3 other candies made by Arcor you might not know about.  What could they possibly be?  Make sure to read the blog to find out!



What were some of our blogs that you read in 2019?  Weaver Nut Company wants to continue to bring you great blogs in the future.  Blogs are a great way keep you abreast of things we believe are relevant to our industry and keep our customers informed about happenings at our company.  Make sure to check out our entire catalog of blogs here.