Weaver Nut Company, Inc. is more than just your average wholesale company. We are a family that is passionate about sharing industry news and updates on our plethora of high-quality products. What began in 1975 as Weaver Bulk Foods in the basement of the Weaver family home has transformed into the wholesale business, Weaver Nut, that is still family owned and operated!

And since we here at Weaver Nut care about your family just as much as we care about ours, we wish for you to learn some fun tidbits about our valuable and inspiring employees.

Top 5 Reason's Weaver Nut Employees Love Fall

1.   One word that can summarize all of Fall...Pumpkins! Fall would not be the same without these lovely gourd decorations and Fall-flavored food. From jack-o-lanterns to pumpkin spice latte,  Kozette Zimmerman says that her favorite things about Fall are the pumpkins.

2.  Another Fall time favorite of Kozette's is Indian corn. Corn can be a popular decorative feature and it is also linked to a well-liked activity among the Weaver Nut employees...corn mazes!  Weaver Nut employees like to take their family to one of the many local corn maze attractions that makes Lancaster County famous in the autumn months.

3.  One of the favorite things about Fall is that the weather is absolutely perfect during this time of year. With warm days and cool evenings what is not to love about the Fall? It is the perfect sweatshirt wearing weather, which is why it is Lisa Weaver's favorite time of the year.

4.  With cooler temperatures and less sunlight to keep leaves green they turn to vibrant shades of red, purple, orange and yellow which is the result of chemical processes of photosynthesis.  The changing color of leaves also indicates the seasons are changing from summer to winter. Jessica Anderson and Janice Hauck both agree that their favorite parts of the Fall are when they get to see the beautiful and colorful leaves change color.

5.  But most of the Weaver Nut employees will agree that they are excited about Fall since it is the return of football season! Both local high school teams and pro teams are squaring off against rivals, which makes for great entertainment and time spent with family and friends cheering on their favorite teams.

Without our hardworking and dedicated employees we wouldn't be able to meet our first and Golden Rule: to serve you...The Customer... as we would want to be served... with quality, integrity, and enthusiasm! We know that our success can only be achieved by keeping customer satisfaction as the personal goal of each and every Weaver Nut Company employee.

To get to know our employees better, head over to 1925 W. Main St., Building A in Ephrata, PA. 17522 to meet our staff or contact us here for more information about our wholesale goods.