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Poppy Seeds

We have searched the world endlessly and can assure you that our bulk poppy seeds will exceed every one of your expectations when it comes to freshness, extremely low prices, and high quality. Since poppy seeds go rancid quickly, it is important to buy your seeds from a distributor which has a quick turnover rate. We buy massive amounts of poppy seeds directly from the source and sell them at lightning speed in order to provide you with a product that is fresh and inexpensive. We only stock the highest quality blue poppy seeds, so you can be assured that when you buy poppy seeds from us they will live up to our (and your) stringent standards. Our poppy seeds will elevate any muffin, cake, bread, salad dressing, or sauce with its unique flavor and crunch. Bulk poppy seed doesn't have to be an overly expensive seed only to be used in moderation. Any poppy-centric food can now be made affordably. When you buy your poppy seeds from us, your customers will be thrilled by their fresh nutty flavor, and you will be thrilled by the low price you can offer for such a high quality product.
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Spanish Blue Poppy Seed 10 LB
# 05369
Pack Size: 10 LB $40.15
Spanish Blue Poppy Seed in 50 LB Bulk Bag
# U5369
Pack Size: 50 LB $184.25
Spanish Blue Poppy Seeds 3 LB Bag
# SM5369
Pack Size: 3 LB $13.17