Weaver Nut Company, Inc. is excited to announce certification as a third party audited facility by ASI Food Safety, adding to their ongoing efforts to promote the highest levels of food safety in the industry. The new certification is testimony to Weaver Nut’s commitment to food safety at all levels and means Weaver Nut’s products and facilities are audited regularly to prevent contamination and risk to their valued customers. The certification and auditing process includes inspections of record keeping, personnel, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), equipment maintenance, sanitation procedures, compliance policies, allergen control, and HACCP validation.

As part of the ASI Food Safety Certification, ASI auditors conduct regular onsite inspections to ensure food safety and quality are always in accordance with the highest levels of safety and quality. ASI Food Safety, a leader in the industry, has been providing audits for nearly 70 years and delivers the most outstanding expertise in the food safety industry. The certification by ASI Food Safety offers greater assurance of Weaver Nut’s ongoing commitment to premium quality and flavor with food safety at the forefront of their efforts.

Weaver Nut Company began humbly in the Weaver family’s basement in 1975, and was founded on quality, integrity, and enthusiasm. With the latest third-party audits and certification, that tradition continues in every offering from the premium chocolates and nuts, to the coffees and teas, to dried fruits, and a growing array of gourmet foods. Throughout the years, the Weaver Nut Company mission remains steadfast, “serving customers the way they want to be served.” As always, every delectable offering by Weaver Nut aims to please customers with a plethora of luscious and indulgent choices, which are always backed by the Weaver Nut Company 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

“This is a milestone for our company as it will now open us up to new business channels along with providing comfort to our current customer base that we are continually striving to increase the level of food safety of finished goods to our customers.” - Vincent Weaver, CFO Weaver Nut Company, Inc.”

Weaver Nut Company, Inc. promises the highest levels of quality, safety, and deliciousness, including their gourmet chocolates and more, always delivered with the promise of exceptional customer service and competitive prices.

Shop today and rest assured in the quality promise of the latest food safety certification as you select your favorites from among Weaver’s delightful offerings - always guaranteed.