The most important thing that you can provide to your customers are your products

So you make sure you buy fresh, quality bulk food items, and hope that your customers will keep coming back for more.  Now, ensuring that your products are properly stored and displayed will help not only ensure your customer base stays loyal, but will also attract even more buyers.

What you use to store your food items can greatly contribute to the visual appeal, and can also be vital for your products safety and freshness.

Presenting Safe-T-Fresh containers – convenient, clear, and sturdy, to keep your candy and snacks fresh, good looking, and long lasting! 


Safe-T-Fresh containers are clear and can showcase your products beautifully.  

When you buy fresh, quality bulk food items, it’s only natural that you want to display them with pride; our clear plastic containers will allow your products to display so well, they will end up selling themselves.

The importance of keeping your products fresh is priceless, and storing the food safely without loss is a concern of every retailer and wholesaler.

Safe-T-Fresh containers are made of recyclable plastic, and are tamper resistant, tamper evident, leak resistant, making them perfect for ensuring your products are “shelf-stable”.

Their unique design creates a leak resistant seal that locks in freshness & eliminates the need for shrink bands to prevent product tampering or sampling.

Rest assured your goods will be safe in these airtight containers - they will not change in quality or nutrient levels.

Safe-T-Fresh containers are perfect especially for herbs and spices, flour, brans, grits, meals and cereals, rice, dried fruits, nuts and sweets, as they help with keeping the products’ freshness, allowing them to maintain the right level of moisture.

Customers who use these containers in their retail stores can attest to their practicality, strength and simple beauty.

We believe our bulk foods speak for themselves – why not give your bulk food the opportunity to do all the talking!  Our Safe-T-Fresh containers wholesale are completely transparent and will allow your customers to see exactly what is inside.  


You wouldn’t want to hide freshness and visual quality of your goods, would you?  So instead of hiding them behind a fancy label and colorful and expensive packaging - let

Our Safe-T-Fresh containers provide a clean appearance.

Depending on the actual products you sell and the overall visual merchandizing of your store, you can choose from round and rectangular form containers.  When choosing the container size, use those that provide adequate space without excess air space.  Again, making sure the goods stay fresh is everyone’s priority.

Simply and effortlessly fill up a Safe-T-Fresh container and top it with a lid – and, voila, let the sales begin.  They are convenient for storing in your customer’s pantries, easily stackable and re-sealable (unlike most bags).

When shopping for Safe-T-Fresh containers wholesale, or other clear, airtight plastic containers, rely on Weaver Nut Company, Inc. – contact us today or order your supplies online right here.