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If you have ever considered yourself a snack food connoisseur, prepare to be blown away as you are introduced to Weaver Nut Company’s world of snacks, where you can find an eye-popping display of hundreds of munchies, including our very own bulk trail mix and snack mix options.  While we take immense pride in our vast and varied arrays of crackers, bagel chips, pretzels and snack sticks, we are particularly proud of our unique specialty wholesale trail mix assortments.  These mixes are one of a kind -- conceived of and mixed in our very own warehouse.  We offer a little something for everyone in trailmix that is fruity, salty, sweet, or savory.  Our mixes are perfect for hikers, dieters, children, parties, or just as a mid-afternoon snack to give you that last push to get through the day.  Our healthy trail mix options are appetizing and colorful, irresistible to those walking past the snack bowl in your house or walking the aisles of your store.  Our snacks will wow you with their freshness and their flavor-packed punch.  Let go of your stockpile of greasy chips and unnaturally orange cheese curls.  Isn’t it time your snacks experienced an upgrade?