With the holidays in full swing, many of our customers will be looking to stock their shelves with products that will reflect the change in seasons.  If you plan on buying bulk food at wholesale prices from our online store, it is now going to be easier than ever to keep up with the changes in season. 

Weaver Nut Company Inc. has now organized our seasonal products in one easy to find section on our site.  We’re going to take this time to go through some of the adjustments we’ve made that we hope will help you get the products in bulk that you need, from an online wholesale food store you can trust. 

Let’s dive right in!


Christmas is a time of year that so many people look forward to.  Gift giving, fun memories and warm feelings are a staple of the Christmas season.  We have a huge selection of products that will fit right in line with your holiday needs.  Everything from peppermint sticks to hot chocolate can be found in the Christmas section of our seasonal product guide.  Check it out to get these items now while they are still in season!


Valentine’s Day is filled with love and chocolate!  One of the busiest times of year for bulk candy sales, Valentine’s day is right around the corner!  Get ready to stock up on things like conversation hearts, chocolate cherry cordials and any candy you can find that is red!  Love will be in the air, so make sure you have the items you adore for this sweet day of celebration.


Easter will be here before you know it!  As another huge season for candy, Easter is next on the list for big holiday sales.  As an unofficial kick off to Spring, Easter will have things like jelly beans and chocolate eggs flying off the shelves.  While you might think it’s too early to start thinking about Easter, it’s never too early to be prepared.  Our optimal ship date for Easter seasonal products is January 11th of 2021, so check out our inventory now!


Patriotic holidays are all throughout the year.  Whether you’re celebrating President’s Day, 4th of July or Flag Day, patriotic holidays are always a time to celebrate.  We have a host of products that are great for any patriotic holiday like the classic Adams & Brooks Rainbow Whirly Pop, vanilla taffy and almost every product we have that is either RED, WHITE or BLUE!  No matter what the occasion is, we’ve got products that will inspire pride in America!


We hope you find our round up of seasonal products helpful and hope to add more variety as time goes on.  Weaver Nut Company Inc. is always trying to find ways to better serve our clients and we hope this is one of them.  Check back regularly to see what items we may include from one season to the next and to place an order today!