Outdoor grilling and barbecues are very popular in the fall, as people gather to celebrate the bounties of the season and take advantage of the nice weather before the colder and shorter days settle in.  Also, grilling is a healthy way to enjoy flavorful food without extra oils or fats. 

Grilling can be so much fun, whether it’s meat, fish, or vegetables and fruits, and they can all reach another level of deliciousness with spices and seasonings.

Creating flavorful food is essential to successful cookouts, and adding flavors to meat and veggie dishes can make all the difference.  And, having snacks  and munchies at cookouts and picnics is simply a must.

Retail shops need to make sure they are fully stocked, so they have enough spices, snacks, sweets, and other food items to fulfill their customers’ grilling and cookout needs.

People love to play with different spices and seasonings for their grilling, and, as a retailer, you want to be able to offer them exactly what they need, and more, for their yummy rubs and marinades!

When you feature a vast selection of already made, gourmet seasonings and rubs – your customers will love you as it means it’s easier for them to create great dishes, with less time spent combining spices and more time to spend having fun with friends and family.

Since amazing grilling needs amazing spices and herbs, make sure your store stocks Weaver Nut’s bulk spices and seasonings, such as:  

California Steak Rub

Weaver Gourmet California Steak Rub is a must have – it will please any meat lover, providing vibrant and bold flavor, smokiness, and richness to the grilled meat.

Garlic, cumin, chili powder, red pepper, and other spices beautifully come together in our Gourmet’s California Steak Rub.

Poultry Seasoning

Specially formulated Weaver Gourmet Poultry Seasoning will perfectly compliment any chicken dinner.

Classic freshly-ground spices are a blend of thyme, sage, marjoram, oregano, and black pepper, making this versatile seasoning the ingredient your customers will use to elevate poultry to new heights. Gourmet Poultry Seasoning adds lovely flavors not only to grilled chicken, but also to pork.

Louisiana Fish Seasoning

Weaver’s Gourmet seafood seasoning is the way to go when grilling seafood, or frying fish.  It’s fiery and Cajun-spicy, and adds great flavors to eggs, chicken, potatoes and other vegetables.


With seasonings such as chili powder, oregano, onion, and red pepper, this mix is bursting with taste and will bring the Louisiana bayou feel to the cookout.

Gourmet Barbeque Seasoning

This seasoning will transform any backyard barbeque.  Carefully formulated, Weaver’s Gourmet Barbeque Seasoning provides all the rich, succulent flavors that people love so much in the grill.

It’s a blend of tomato, black pepper, onion, paprika, molasses and smoke flavor, perfect for chicken, ribs, beef, pulled pork, and even vegetables.

Finally, who can say no to some sweets and candy, or decadent chocolate, after all the savory grilled dishes – so have an abundant selection for your customers in your store.

At Weaver Nut Snacks and Sweets we passionately seek out the best freshly ground bulk spices, as well as gourmet snacks, candies, and sweets.

Make sure your store is ready to offer everything your customer’s need for memorable grilling experiences.  Discover amazing wholesale spices, rubs and seasonings, and much more right here