The cold winter months are coming to an end and nicer weather is approaching.  As seasons change, your inventory should change along with it!  That being said, if you are thinking about what you should stock for Spring, you might already be behind your competition.  Needless to say, now is the time to be thinking about Summer! 

Weaver Nut Company has a terrific selection of products that will deliver what consumers have already been thinking about for weeks!  We have compiled all of the products that will be excellent snacks for this upcoming summer season!


You can check out our entire section of “Summertime Theme” products right here, so you do not have to look anywhere else for all of the candies your customers know and love.  Our products are of the highest quality and are sold in bulk at a fair price.  We would like to take some time to highlight some of what we have to offer and show you the amazing products we know your customers will be craving.


Summertime is the perfect season to go to the beach.  Almost everyone has memories of warm sand, the smell of the ocean, and walking along the boardwalk.  And who can forget the most iconic candy the beach has to offer?  Salt water taffy!  If your customers want a taste of summertime beach fun, bring the beach to them!  Do your customers want a little bit of everything?  No problem.  Our Primrose Assorted Salt Water Taffy has got you covered.  There are flavors like blueberry, peach, banana, and more!  This really has something for just about everyone!  Maybe you are looking for something a little more unique - something extra special.  If so, our Sweet’s Chocolate Hazelnut Salt Water Taffy Kisses are exactly what you want. An outstanding mix of smooth velvety chocolate and toasted hazelnut, combined with stretchy delicious taffy.  Check out all of our taffy selections for more marvelous products.


Trails are going to be used more often once summer hits.  Plenty of people are going to be hiking and biking and will need something to curb their hunger and give them a boost.  Bring your customers one of the best snacks out there, gorp!  A mix of nuts, raisins, and candy, gorp has been the go-to snack for everyone who walks, runs, bikes or hikes.  Our Weaver Nut Gorp Hikers Hot Weather Mix is sure to satisfy the hungriest of hikers!  Buy it in bulk for the best value or get it in portioned packs of 10-ounce tubs or 12 and half-ounce bags.


Gummies can be enjoyed year-round but we have a great selection of gummies that are just right for Summer!  Looking for gummies with a fantastic fruit flavor?  We have apple, peach, and watermelon rings that are just delicious!  The hot summer sun is sure to make people thirsty.  Sometimes people reach for a cold bottled soda to beat the heat.  Our Land Of The Gummies Gourmet Filled Gummy Soda Bottles are a whimsical play on glass bottle soda that is tasty and fun!  But if you need one gummy candy that everyone will love, you cannot go wrong with a classic … Gummy Bears!  When it comes to gummy bears, we have them all!   If you need the standard mix of gummy bears, our Land Of The Gummies 6 Flavor Gummy Bear is a superb seller.  We even have individually wrapped specific flavors of gummy bears too!


No matter what your need is for summer themed candies, Weaver Nut is happy to be your supplier.  With more than 45 years in the business, we are ready to deliver quality products with outstanding customer service.  Our seasonal products are always being updated, so make sure you check back for more ideas next time you are in need.