Independence Day is fast approaching, and many retailers are getting ready to change the displays in their stores to reflect the patriotic holiday. Many of you may have already begun this transition in anticipation of Memorial Day.   

As a bulk food supplier, Weaver Nut Company has a plethora of products and some great ideas to help you prepare for the 4th of July. We are a wholesale food company with a wide range of products to explore. Hopefully, you can integrate some of these concepts into your store to help drive sales.

1.    Place Promotional Items Front and Center   

If you are promoting any specific items for the 4th of July, display them at the store’s front entrance, where they will have the most visibility. Even though some people walking past didn’t plan to purchase anything, they may be drawn in by an attractive display and buy a few items.   Red, white, and blue are always the best color choices for this particular holiday, so keep that in mind when promoting your products. Why not try it out with our mini pretzels? Available in red, white, and blue, these delicious yogurt-covered pretzels are sure to bring attention to any display where they’re included. 


2.    Include Something for the Children   

Anytime you can market your product to children, there is potential for a sale. Make sure to create a display that is geared towards children and the products they love. Kid-friendly displays are an effective way to drive sales, since children will see them and run to their parents to make a purchase for them.   

One exciting kid-friendly idea is to make a display with ice cream sundae toppings! Products like our nonpareils and sprinkles are always a big hit. The sprinkles and nonpareils come in individual packs of red, white, and blue, as well as a mixture of those colors.   

3.    Create a Display That Honors a Local Hero or Supports a Local Charity   

Another way to connect with the consumers in your community is to create a display that highlights a local hero. The hero you honor could be a firefighter, a police officer, a first responder, a military member, or a veteran, to name a few examples. This will excite friends, family members, and others in the community who are eager to draw attention to the hero’s accomplishments.   

Alternatively, you could partner with a local charity and even work on a promotion where a portion of sales go to that charity. This could work with nearly any product, so be sure to check out our entire lineup of patriotic treats by clicking here!   

These display ideas add a personal, genuine touch to your promotions and remind the people what the holiday is truly about.   

We hope some of these ideas inspire your next creative store display in time for the 4th of July. As a wholesale food company, we offer a wide range of products for Independence Day and many other seasonal holidays. When you are looking for a bulk food supplier, look no further than Weaver Nut Company. Call us today at 717-738-3781 for more information on our business and the products we sell!