As the temperatures rise, people across the country are pursuing their favorite warm-weather activities. Summer, with all the travels and adventures it brings, is a perfect time to mix up your snack routine and try new treats. Whether you’ll be corralling children at the pool or a playground, vacationing lake or beachside or in the mountains, or simply want to eat as much food that won’t require turning on the oven as possible, Weaver Nut has what you need.

From sweet and salty on-the-go snacks to ingredients for hot weather-friendly desserts and indulgences, bulk food supplier Weaver Nut has something for everyone. 

Gummi Candy 

Water and protein are essential when you’re embarking on an intense hike or other outdoor adventure. And a sweet treat like gummi candy is the perfect pick-me-up addition at any time! 

Our wholesale foods selection includes gummies of every shape and color. Stock up on crowd-pleasers like peach rings and gummi bears. Plus, be sure to try some of the creative shapes we have, from apples and snowflakes to pigs and dinosaurs. That’s no typo – the sky is the limit when it comes to fun wholesale gummi candy varieties. 

The same goes for the ways you can use gummies. Eating gummies by the handful or putting classic gummi worms in dirt pudding is only the beginning. Add sour gummies to fruity cocktails for a sweet modification, or put gummies into homemade popsicles for a fun surprise. 

Snack Mixes 

If you’re planning a picnic or backyard barbecue, add a snack mix to the menu. Weaver Nut unique snack mixes are conceived in our very own wholesale foods warehouses. Whether you and your friends and family are craving something sweet, salty, fruity, or savory, we’ve got a snack mix to appease your taste buds.

Snack mixes are a great choice for taking along to whatever athletic and active endeavors you’re taking part in this summer. Stay hydrated and refuel with a delicious snack mix.