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Even though big snack companies are constantly bombarding us with one new and improved snack food after another, we have one snack food that will revolutionize your snacking and add some much needed pizzazz to your day - wasabi peas. These little green snacks are fried peas covered with a wasabi coating, making them a unique snack with a little heat and a whole lot of crunch. We stock wholesale wasabi peas from both China and Malaysia, and can also supply you with natural wasabi peas. The beautiful thing about wasabi peas is that the peas themselves retain their iron, protein, fiber and vitamins, so they merit being used as a healthy snack. Wasabi peas can also add some desperately needed zing, crunch, and vibrancy to dull and colorless snack mixes. When sourcing our bulk wasabi peas we always buy directly from the manufacturer, ensuring a product that is extremely fresh, which means it pops with flavor and color. This also ensures that we give you the lowest price possible, leaving both you and your customers clamoring for more. If you haven't had a chance to revitalize your life with these little green firecrackers, don't wait a second longer. Our wasabi peas are standing on the sidelines waiting anxiously to revamp your snacking. Give (wasabi) peas a chance.
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Roasted Salted Fava Beans
# 00550
Pack Size: 20 LB $43.56
Weaver Nut Vegetable Chip Small Pack
# SM551
Pack Size: 3.3 LB $38.72
Whole Fried Lightly Salted Green Peas Malaysian
# 00548
Pack Size: 22 LB $35.09
Yellow Chickpeas Roasted Salted
# 00193
Pack Size: 22 LB $60.31
Yellow Chickpeas Roasted Unsalted
# 00192
Pack Size: 22 LB $59.35
Natural Wasabi Green Peas
# 00544
Pack Size: 2/11 LB $37.51
Wasabi Fried Green Peas China
# 00521
Pack Size: 22 LB $43.32
Vegetable Chips
# 00551
Pack Size: 6/3.3 LB $125.24
Wasabi Fried Green Peas Malaysian
# 00549
Pack Size: 22 LB $43.32