There are certain things that mark a year and make each month meaningful for various reasons. For instance, January has the power to allow new beginnings, while bringing snowflakes and frigid winter days. While February is still chilly there is warmness in one's heart with a month dedicated to love of friends and family.

Some people might believe that February is the month dedicated to the hopeless romantics that look forward to nothing but love, romance and a little chocolate indulgence on Valentine's Day. While that might be true, Weaver Nut Company, Inc. appreciates this month for the continued success as an Importer & Distributor of Candies, Chocolates & Confections, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Coffees & Teas, Spices, Snacks and Bulk Foods from around the world.

Valentine's Day is for chocolate but the rest of the year you can satisfy any of your sweet tooth desires with the help of Weaver Nut.

We like to think that we have the ability to bring joy into our customer's life through food! Being a family run business, we have a goal to serve our customers how we would want to be served, with quality, integrity, and enthusiasm.

That is why we accommodate the needs of the most demanding professional chocolatier, baker and health enthusiast. Since we buy our nuts, chocolates, candies and coffee beans in large quantities directly from the manufacturer with quick turnaround, you will get superior fresh goodies at a shockingly low price.

Why we love what we do?

Weaver Nut Company, which started as a small business in the basement of the Weaver family home in 1975, has grown into a reputed family-owned distributor of candy, chocolate, nuts, and bulk foods in the heart of tranquil Lancaster County. The Weavers pride themselves in sourcing quality wholesale chocolates, carefully selected from acclaimed local, as well as international sources while still offering a dizzying array of bulk candy to appeal to all ages and markets.  You can choose from nostalgic old-fashioned hard candies, attention-grabbing “new-fangled” candies with fillings, bright colors and exotic flavors, or classics that should not be missing from any candy aisle. 

But there is a reason why our company is called the Weaver Nut Company. We have never wavered from our commitment to providing fresh, delicious, quality nuts. Our bulk wholesale nuts are hard to beat. We offer exotic nuts, as well as the classic standbys, plus nuts covered in all kinds of delectable coverings. From chocolate to butter toffee to sweet yogurt, you have the option to choose any flavors you wish. If you are leaning to the healthier side of the nut, we also offer nuts in various forms such as raw, in the shell, roasted, or honey roasted. 

With Valentine's Day coming quickly, delectable chocolates and sweet candies stock the shelves and can be found in mom & pop shops, farmer’s markets, jobbers, regional distributors, food service, restaurants, manufacturers, institutions and non-profits. We invite you to explore our offerings and give us a chance to show you why we’ve gained a reputation for excellence.

If you should have a question or comment regarding any of our quality products, we would be glad to field your e-mail and will respond promptly and courteously. Or call us at 717-738-3781.