Weaver Nut Company, Inc. is a wholesale food distributor, importer, manufacturer, and bulk food supplier of Candies, Chocolates & Confections, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Coffees & Teas, Spices, Snacks and Bulk Foods from around the world.  

We are a family run business since 1975, and proudly serve and ship to retail, mom & pop shops, farmers markets, jobbers, regional distributors, food service, restaurants, manufacturers, institutions and non-profits.  

Weaver Nut Company, Inc. began in 1975 as Weaver Bulk Foods in the basement of the family home of Mr. And Mrs. Weaver, who owned and operated seven market stands. In 1982, they moved the wholesale business to a leased space behind the Cloister Shopping Center, and a year later opened a candy store there called Weaver’s Candy and Cookie Outlet.

In 1986 and 1987 they built and moved to the current location at 1925 West Main Street, Ephrata, PA, and renamed their business to E. Paul Weaver III Nut Company, Inc.  In 1990 both the wholesale and retail was doubled in size, and in 1993 the name and logo was changed to Weaver Nut Company, Inc.

At Weaver Nut, our goal continues to be providing the same level of care and service to our customers as we would want for ourselves – that of high quality, integrity, and enthusiasm!

We also love offering anniversary sales and promos, and find joy in any reason to celebrate and show our gratitude to our customers.  

To celebrate our 41st Anniversary, we picked our favorite 41 products, to share with you:

  1. Raw California Almonds
  2. Raw Blanched Almond Flour
  3. Super Large Roasted Unsalted Cashews
  4. Super Large Roasted Salted Cashews
  5. Roasted Salted Large Cashews
  6. Hulled Hemp Seeds (Hemp Hearts)
  7. Toasted Hemp Seeds
  8. Tamari Almonds
  9. Chipotle Cashews
  10. Roasted Unsalted Jumbo Runner Peanuts
  11. Extra Large Roasted Salted VA Peanuts
  12. Large Pecan Pieces (Fancy)
  13. California Roasted Salted In-Shell Pistachios
  14. California Jumbo In Shell Walnuts
  15. California Light Walnut Halves & Pieces
  16. Everything Flavored Sesame Sticks
  17. Salted Sesame Sticks
  18. Chia Seeds 
  19. Large Turkish Apricots
  20. California Deglet Pitted Dates
  21. Dried Cranberries
  22. Whole Pitted Prunes
  23. Dried Tart Sour Cherries
  24. Large Goji Berries
  25. Dark Jumbo Flame Raisins
  26. Zachary Candy Corn
  27. Peter's Caramel Loaves (for covering apples)
  28. Wilbur Buds  


  1. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nubs
  2. Weaver's Dark Mini Pretzels
  3. White Basmati Rice
  4. Brown Basmati Rice
  5. BEEFSTI Weaver's Beef Sticks
  6. LOTG Land of the Gummies
  7. Clear Toy Candy
  8. Premade Gift Baskets & Party Trays


  1. Pennant Fruits (glazed fruits for fruit cakes)
  2. Weaver's Butter Toffee & Flavored Nuts
  3. Martin's Regular Pretzels
  4. Hilco Novelty Kids Toy Candies (great for stocking stuffers)
  5. Silly Cow & Hammonds Prepackaged Cocoa Mixes

At Weaver Nut, our passion and commitment is to continuously offer the finest and sought after wholesale candy, snacks, and other bulk food items to satisfy anyone’s standards, tastes, and needs. 

Weaver Nut Company, Inc. has been a trusted wholesale food distributor and bulk food supplier for 41 years, proudly offering wholesale candy, chocolate, snacks, nuts, and much more - there certainly is something for everyone!

Celebrate our anniversary with us and stock up on your favorite Weaver Nut’s quality products today: