Weaver Nut Company, Inc. is excited to be named as the first confectionery distributor to offer Accent™ by Barry Callebaut.  This new and unique set of products is a line of chocolates that have been created by Barry Callebaut’s top experts.  The Accent line includes a wide range of flavors that has a variety of applications with passionate confectioners in mind.  Weaver Nut Company is honored to be the first confectionery to offer this line and provide customers with yet another high-quality product from Barry Callebaut. 

We are pleased to offer a new line called Accent™ by Barry Callebaut, that offers distinct flavor profiles and the same taste every time, using sustainably sourced cocoa ingredients.  Our customers will set themselves apart by using these high-quality products in their confectionery production.”  – Vincent Weaver, Weaver Nut Company, Inc.

Barry Callebaut always maintains strict guidelines for their top of the line products and Accent is no different.  By using only the best ingredients and the support of a team that has more than 300 years of R&D and 100 years of chef experience, Barry Callebaut produces products like no one else.  Every single batch is rigorously assessed internally by a panel prior to it being released for delivery.  This process ensures that the product is of the same high quality, every time.

Weaver Nut Company is currently stocking the following products from the Accent™ by Barry Callebaut line: Accent Dark 47.5%, and Accent Light Milk 30.5%.

For more information, please contact Weaver Nut Company at 1-800-4PEANUT or by email at [email protected]