When creating a space and displays in your store for wedding candy, it’s a good idea to think about buffets with coordinated colors rather than random color selections.

From pastels to vibrant colors that will match any event; from wrapped to unwrapped choices to allow for the flexibility to mix and match; the display should be bountiful and inviting. You will find a wide selection of Wedding Candy for wedding showers and reception candy bars at Weaver Nut.

To display the candy, it’s a great idea to use interesting containers in different shapes and different heights. Clear containers are the best so your candy shows through. Whenever possible, use displays to raise some of the containers, giving your buffet height and making the whole décor stand out. You can demonstrate how fun and beautiful a candy centerpiece would look, too.

Don’t forget to add Madelaine Pure Milk Chocolate Red Roses to your store display! Also, Madelaine Pure Chocolate Gold Foil Covered Cigars add a fun twist to the more traditional buffets.

Next, if your store carries them, definitely have available favor bags (10-12 ounce capacity or so), small cellophane bags, or even take out containers; your customers will be happy to see the solution to how their guests will take the wedding candy home.

Another great thing to do in your store is to create wedding packages, to show your customers what you can offer to them. Make several different packages, choosing 5 to 10 types of candy, for different pockets and color schemes. Some people will want to have a white buffet, others will prefer candy buffet matching the color scheme of their wedding. Also, you may want to venture into creating a few packages for a - theme wedding, suggests hubpages.com. We have all seen that, nowadays, brides and grooms often come up with something completely random or unique. Still, something like beach, retro, or simply love themed is great to offer as an option - as long as you can say it with your candies.

Especially for this wedding season, color palettes tend to be fresh and fun. One thing, though, is an absolute must for all candy displays and packages: exciting!

Overall, the idea is to make your patrons feel like a kid in a candy store! And the bride, or her helpers, like she just got sweet answers to her many questions!

Candy buffets and gift bags are also a wonderful yet easy solution for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, theme parties, you name it ~ we have the full spectrum of candies for it. Plus, we carry dozens of sugar-free options, too!

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