Weaver Nut Company has been in the business of selling nuts for over 40 years.  In that time, we have become one of the best places to buy bulk nuts.  Our passion for wholesale nuts has grown from humble beginnings at market stands to a large-scale operation that ships to customers all over the country and beyond.  We sell several different varieties of nuts with a range of products for each nut we sell.  We want to take the time to highlight those products and show you exactly what you get when you trust us with your business.



Almonds are a nut enjoyed by everyone.  Being used in a variety of ways, almonds are a versatile nut that is becoming many peoples favorite nut.  Our catalog of wholesale almonds has over twenty products that range from several selections of beautifully roasted almonds to almond flour.  Our almonds are of the highest quality.  Whether you need them whole, in shell, sliced or diced, we are sure to have an almond product right for you.




The demand for Brazil Nuts continues to grow as time goes on.  Originating in the pristine forests of South America, Brazil nuts are quickly growing in popularity.  In 2017, eighty-four thousand metric tons of Brazil nuts were harvested globally.  The United States of America is the largest importer of Brazil nuts and we have the best of them.  We sell a small assortment of Brazil nuts from ten pound raw packs to fifty pound packs of nuts in shell.  Make sure to put them in your next order!



Cashews are another nut that have been gaining favor in today’s world.  Aside from them being a great nut to eat, cashews are being used in a variety of ways to make everything from cashew milk to cashew cheese.  With more than twenty cashew items to select from, we have everything you could ever want from a supplier of wholesale nuts.



Hazelnuts have been used in confections for countless years.  They continue to be a nut that can add flavor in many different ways to everything from chocolates to coffee.  Our selection of hazelnuts includes raw, blanched, roasted, and hazelnuts in shell.  We even have a hazelnut praline paste.  When you need bulk nuts like hazelnuts, look no further than Weaver Nut.



Macadamia Nuts originated in Australia in the early 1800s, but have found their way all over the world.  A more calorie dense nut than some others you might be used to, macadamia nuts are a great source of nutrients like manganese, thiamine and copper.  We carry them in both raw or roasted varieties and can accommodate small orders with our seven-pound packs or large orders with our twenty-five-pound packs.  Our prices on them are competitive as well, so check them out today!






Peanuts are perhaps the most ubiquitous nut of them all.  Pretty surprising since they are not actually nuts!  Peanuts, unlike almonds or cashews do not grow from trees.  Peanuts grow in the ground much like peas or lentils and are truly considered legumes.  That does not stop us from liking them though!  We offer 22 different products in our peanut category and are sure to have what you are looking for.  Honey roasted, salted, or whole peanuts are all in our inventory along with many more.  If you are in the market for wholesale nuts and are in need of Peanuts, we should be the only place you go for them.





Pecans are a staple in sweet treats like pecan pie or praline candies but they are great on their own as well!  High in fiber and zinc, pecans are a wonderful nut that we would love to add to your next order.  We carry pecan halves raw, salted or covered in toffee to offer them in a variety of ways.  Along with our other pecan products, we have over a dozen different items in stock and would love to introduce you to pecans if you aren’t familiar already!






Pine Nuts have many culinary uses in all sorts of cuisines from around the world.  They can be used to add some texture in a salad.  They are an essential ingredient in pesto or have even been used to make a unique Spanish coffee.  Our inventory of bulk nuts includes seven pound packs and twenty seven pound packs of pine nuts.








Pistachios have been a preferred snack of many for a long time.  Rich in Vitamin B, pistachios are in high demand these days with production of pistachios rapidly increasing in the United States.  Pistachios are in everything from cold cuts to ice cream, pistachios are a versatile nut that continues to be used many different ways.  Our stock of bulk pistachios is sure to fill and necessities you may have.








Walnuts have been a long-time favorite nut and continue to be a top seller amongst all common nuts.  We have several varieties of walnut products coming in halves, pieces or in shell.  Packed with many antioxidants and Omega-3s, walnuts need to be something you always have in stock to meet the needs of you and your customers.  Order some today and see that we have some of the highest quality walnuts on the market.


   Weaver Nut has been in the wholesale nuts market than many of our competitors.  We want to     be the one source you need for all your needs when it comes to bulk nuts.  Make sure to visit us     online to check our inventory and contact us with any of your questions or concerns.