In addition to our dedication to locating superior wholesale chocolates, at Weaver Nut Company we have also been focused on manufacturing our own compound chocolate products because creating your own recipes is even more rewarding.

Yes, quality chocolate can be elevated to new heights of sweet goodness – by combining several high quality ingredients to achieve new and deliciously appetizing confections.  And that’s what we did.

As chocolate enthusiasts, we understand and appreciate the role high quality ingredients have in creating extraordinary chocolate sweets and snacks, so we used compound bulk chocolate for exciting homemade chocolate products that your clients will surely love!

There’s a delectable selection of 19 chocolate treats and snacks to choose from - from silky milk to rich and decadent dark-covered products, all made with love and premium chocolate.

Take, for instance, Weaver Chocolates Large Dark Compound Chocolate Malt Balls, a crunchy and delicious treat that any dark chocolate fan will fall in love with.


This classic treat with a crunchy malted center has a twist, as dark chocolate gives it a richer flavor.

For Nonpareils lovers, we crafted delicious and colorful looking Weaver Chocolates Rainbow Large Nonpareils in Dark Compound and Milk Compound Chocolate.    

These vibrant and charming treats will enhance any party, satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth, and will help your clients create delightful desserts of their own.

All the peanut and chocolate fans will thank us for creating our Weaver Chocolates Milk Compound Chocolate Peanuts – they are absolutely delicious treats that can be enjoyed as a sweet pick me up any time of the day, or with friends and a movie.

These chocolate covered peanuts have a silky chocolate coat that melts in your mouth, with the crunchy texture of the peanut inside.  Also, try Weaver Nut Dark Chocolate version, or Weaver Chocolates Double Dipped Peanut Butter Chocolate Peanuts.

Browse all of the tasty wholesale chocolate products we offer, ranging from chocolate covered nuts, dried fruits, and pretzels to other premium sweets and snacks for your and your clients’ pleasure.

At Weaver Nut Company, since we buy our top quality wholesale chocolate in large quantities directly from the manufacturer with quick turnaround, you will always get superior bulk chocolate and wholesale chocolate products at a budget-friendly price.  

Our chocolate chips, flavored chips and other toppings and candy are exactly what your cookies and cakes need, and our melting wafers of assorted colors and flavors will make melting and coating a pure joy.  

Select your favorite wholesale chocolates and explore other bulk chocolate and sweets right here: