As medicine and science keep advancing, we learn interesting and very important things about the human body every day. Still, not many of us think about the intricacies of our human bodies every day. What are we comprised of; what really keeps us going? The obvious answer is food and water and air, but what else and why? 

For instance, did you know that besides water, protein is the most abundant compound that your body contains?  Protein is abundantly found in every cell and tissue; together with healthy fats, protein’s roles in keeping you alive and healthy are manifold and critical.

Muscles are largely composed of protein.  It is less known that protein is actually the framework that holds nerves together. Also, organs, blood vessels, and skin all contain structural proteins.

So, obviously, the importance of protein intake is crucial.

They are needed for all tissue repairs, without them critical enzymes and hormones cannot properly do their metabolic functions, and antibodies cannot help your body ward off infections. Since proteins are vital to all living processes and help sustain life, they are one of the most important nutrients that must be consumed in adequate quantity and quality in your diet.

As we discover more about proper diets, we learn more and more that healthy fats need to be a vital part of any healthy diet, and that ultra low-fat diets can starve the body of healthy nutrients. This, powered with the importance of incorporating a good intake of proteins, is leading into this new era that highlights – nuts!

So, don’t cast nuts aside as fatty food you should avoid (unless, of course, you are allergic to nuts).

Almonds are one of the highest-protein nuts; an ounce, which is about 22 almonds, will give you 6g of protein.  Almonds are also high in manganese and vitamin E, vital guardians against oxidative damage.