As a company, Weaver Nut is very quality-oriented and always on the lookout for the next trendy or amazing new product, which means we carry a vast assortment of various goods. 

Still, our best seller and our fans’ favorite has always been – Chocolate. 

Everything you need for your next chocolate endeavor to elevate your dessert to new heights, or simply to satisfy your super sweet tooth, awaits you at Weaver Nut.

Now, any professional chocolatier or baker who pays close attention to the quality of the ingredients will greatly appreciate our immaculate selection of chocolate goods.

All varieties of chocolate - from smooth milk to complex and fragrant semi-sweet and bittersweet, from opulent unsweetened to silky white - await you at Weaver Nut, from sources such as Wilbur, Guittard, and the amazing Barry Callebaut.


Barry Callebaut - Finest Belgian Chocolate, is any Confectioner’s and Chocolate Lover’s dreamland.  

The Barry Callebaut Group was created in 1996, as the Belgian chocolate producer Callebaut merged with the French company Cacao Barry.  Cacao Barry was founded by Charles Barry in France in 1842, and the founder traveled to Africa to seek out a selection of cocoa beans that would enable him to create his first connoisseur's chocolate.  Callebaut was a Belgian company, founded by Eugenius Callebaut, first as a brewery in 1850, then as chocolate bars maker in 1911.  

Not only does Callebaut chocolate that you love working with and enjoy savoring still have its impeccable taste and legendary workability, but also their biggest chocolate range – Finest Belgian Chocolate – now supports sustainably grown cocoa.  Great for your recipes, great for the Earth!

Today, Barry Callebaut has evolved from a supplier of industry and specialty chocolates for industrial and artisanal customers into a provider of everything from the cocoa bean to the finest finished product.

Our Callebaut chocolate Couverture, Callets, such as Cacao Barry Venezuela 72% Origine Rare Dark Callets, and other items are exactly what your clients want and the dessert recipes need, and our melting chocolate wafers and decorative chocolate products of assorted colors and flavors will add the perfect touch.  


You’ll be happy to know that at Weaver Nut we buy our highest quality wholesale chocolate and other sweet goods in large quantities directly from the manufacturer with quick turnaround.  This, of course, means that you always get superior chocolate and wholesale candy fresh and at a wonderfully low price.  

Buying wholesale Callebaut chocolates and other bulk chocolate and candy from Weaver Nut Company will not only save you money, it will give you a perfectly sweet boost!

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