5 Candies You Probably Didn't Know Were Made By Arcor Candy Company

They are tasty, they are nostalgic, and they are rather hard to find – they are the little hard candies made by Arcor.

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New Gourmet Chocolate Covered Products Introduced by Weaver Nut

Holiday season is all about tradition, but also a perfect time to try new things. At Weaver Nut, we thought what a better time to try some new and exciting products than during the holidays?

So we introduced these delectable candies and snacks for your own enjoyment or as a gift to someone – since, after all, this is a season for giving and sharing.

They are the perfect combination of chocolate and snacks, some with a hint of savory, some evoking childhood memories, all adorned with sweet taste and great for fun times.

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'Carb Free Candy' - Sounds Too Good To Be True? It's Not!

It’s late in the afternoon and you’re tired; you worked all day, you studied, you took care of your kids… whatever your day’s been like, a nice sweet treat would do you wonders! But, wait. You promised yourself you’d be good this year, and that means - no sweets. Or, you’re simply not allowed to have them… Either way, no treats for you as a reward for doing so many things? Smile; a sweet, well-deserved reward is available, guilt-free. Welcome to the world of Carb Free Candy!

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