Weaver Nut Spring Chocolate Demos

Weaver Nut Spring Chocolate Demos

Weaver Nut Company will be hosting live chocolate demonstrations by representative Bruce Smith this Spring.  
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Brand Spotlight – Albanese Candy Company

A simple recipe for a sweet success:

First, flavor and texture; then, always find a way to improve and enhance; finally, never take yourself too seriously.

That’s how it’s done at Albanese Candy Company.  

And that’s why our Brand Spotlight today graciously goes to Albanese Candy!

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Kosher Candy That May Surprise

Here Are Some Kosher Candy That May Surprise You

We have all heard of Kosher; some of us follow it, some of us know what it is, and some of us have really no clue.  

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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Snacks

“Pink colored pretzels and crisp chocolate almonds

Milk chocolate nuts with layers of goodness

Double dipped peanuts and more of sweet packs

These are just some of our favorite snacks.

(For happiest results, sing to the famous “These are some of my favorite things” tune.)

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