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Weaver Nut Company offers an exciting variety of gourmet wholesale chocolates, which will accommodate the needs of the most demanding professional chocolatier or baker. We offer chocolates of highest quality from sources such as Wilbur, Guittard, and Barry Callebaut. Since we buy our chocolate in large quantities directly from the manufacturer with quick turnaround, you will get a superior fresh chocolate at a shockingly low price. Your chocolate products will be elevated to new heights with our wholesale bulk chocolate. We offer all varieties of chocolate from meltingly sweet milk chocolate to complex and fragrant semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolates to rich unsweetened chocolate for baking. You will find that our chocolate chips and flavored chips will be exactly what your cookies have been wanting, and that our melting wafers of diverse colors and flavors will make melting and coating a pure joy. We offer cold-pack shipping and shipping by temperature controlled trucks so that your chocolates arrive unscathed during the warm months of summer. Buying bulk chocolates will not only save you money, it will change your chocolate-loving world.