Many kids and kids at heart simply love all candies and everything about them; then there are the more picky candy lovers who look for more unique tastes and ingredients.  

At Weaver Nut, we have a true passion for candy - which is why we carry such a vast selection of every type of bulk candy imaginable.

There’s an incredible assortment of enticingly colorful candies in bulk to satisfy anyone’s standards, sweet tooth, and palate.

For gummy lovers, there is so much to choose from, imported and domestic, as we have every imaginable color, size and shape - letters, apples, teeth, rattlesnakes, butterflies, army men, jet planes, cheesecake, penguins, and more, as well as various flavors, including chocolate covered gummies.

How about the old fashioned candies from your childhood that you forgot even existed?  Put smiles back on your customer’s faces by featuring Stick candy, such as Crest Of Holland Orange Pineapple Stick, or Spangler Orange Circus Peanuts, and other good old candy from our Old Fashioned category.


Taffy fans, brace yourselves - our Taffy category includes delicious soft and chewy taffy such as Primrose Eggnog Kisses, or Primrose Assorted Salt Water Taffy that comes in an assortment of flavors: blueberry, bubble gum, cherry, chocolate raspberry, chocolate, cinnamon, cotton candy, grape, licorice, maple, Neapolitan, peach, piña colada, raspberry, root beer, spearmint, tutti-frutti and watermelon.   

Chocolate lovers will lose themselves in the sweet, luscious world of all the treats that await in our many chocolate categories – from rich, creamy chocolates stuffed with scrumptious fillings, from fudges and bars to specialty chocolates, we have it all.

Not only can you choose from hundreds of different candy, you can also select from many different flavors and styles of wholesale sugar free and carb free candies, too!

From fruit flavored candy to delicious chocolate, pina colada, butter rum, and many more flavors, there are plenty of sugar free candies to satisfy anyone’s tastes and needs.  Take Eda's Sugar Free Candies, for instance.  They are high quality, extremely flavorful candies made with a natural sugar substitute from fruits and berries. 

Also, we carry candies that meet the highest standards of Kosher certification.

Our bulk candy is perfect for repackaging and retailing, so our assortment of wholesale candy will have your patrons happily filling their carts in your store with a fun variety of yummy candy.

Our wholesale candy is ideal for candy tables at weddings and parties, piñatas, and for gift baskets.

Weaver Nut Company, Inc., wholesale supplier you can trust, is in its 40th year in business proudly offering over 50 categories of delicious and unique bulk candies!

Stock up on Weaver Nut’s top quality wholesale candy today: