While Valentine’s Day is still a couple months away, now is the time to start thinking about what you want your store to offer for the day of love, when sweets and candy are one of the most loved gift.

Heart shaped candies, gifts and Valentine’s cards have been the symbols of love and affection for many decades. 

It’s good to start planning to have sufficient amounts of all-time favorites, as well as the new and more unique products in time for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s sweet tradition includes giving some sort of candy, whether it’s in a heart-shaped box, a basket with champagne or another item to compliment the sweets, or with a nice bouquet of flowers.

For chocolate lovers, stock up your store with a variety of our rich, creamy chocolates filled with scrumptious ingredients, fudges, bars, and specialty chocolates.

Weaver Chocolates Valentine Semi Sweet Chocolate Nonpareils, for instance, look so cheerful and beautiful with the red, pink, and white over the chocolate base, and provide the perfectly sweet crunch.

This sweet and luscious item is a must have for Valentine’s - Madelaine Pure Milk Chocolate Miniature Red Lips.  They come foil wrapped, approximately 60 pieces per pound.



Since there should always be kisses for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to stock up on Land Of The Gummies Gummy Red Lips with Foam Bottom, too!

For gummy lovers, there is so much to choose from, in every imaginable color, size and shape - letters, apples, butterflies, penguins, and more, as well as various flavors, including chocolate covered gummies. 

Many of your customers may be big time dog lovers, so make sure your store has plenty of Gimbal Brothers Red Licorice Scottie Dogs.


Also, who doesn’t like cute little bears?  Albanese Wild Cherry Red Gummie Bears will make everyone smile.

Or, how about your store displaying these sweet and sour cherries, a perfectly yummy and adorable looking Valentine’s Day candy - Land Of The Gummies Sour Twin Cherries.


This Valentine, make your customers fall in love with your store with a luscious assortment of flavorful, fun, bulk candy in all kinds of lovely shapes and flavors.

At Weaver Nut, our passion for candy shows in the selection we offer – rest assured you will find every type of wholesale candy imaginable to satisfy anyone’s standards and needs.

And, let’s not forget those who prefer or need sugar free options.  At Weaver Nut you will find many wholesale sugar free and carb free candies to chose from, too!

We also carry candies that meet the highest standards of Kosher certification.

Prepare your store so that your customers have an easy time finding a lovely Valentine’s Day candy to express their love to those they care about! 

Our bulk candy is perfect for repackaging and retailing, and for gift baskets, and offering our assortment of bulk candy will have your patrons happily filling their carts in your store.

Also, our bulk Decorettes, Dragee, and Sanding Sugar, among many other products, will make bakers and chefs gleam with joy as they make their indulgent Valentine’s Day desserts.

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we invite you to start shopping for all the sweet items that can greatly enhance the look, feel and selection of your store!

Ensure you and your patrons have a Happy Valentine’s Day - stock up on Weaver Nut’s top quality wholesale candy today:

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