Americans, on average, consume close to 24 pounds of candy each year per person, about half of which is chocolate.  While this may not be surprising to you, did you know that being a chocolate aficionado can also turn into a money making venture? 

If one of your favorite interests is eating candy and chocolate, how about transforming that sweet enthusiasm into a booming business reality?

For a rather small investment, you could turn your chocolate-covered dream into a moneymaking adventure. You have an option – you could be making the chocolate and candy yourself, or you could buy bulk chocolates and wholesale candy from a trusted source.

Thinking about becoming a chocolatier?  Join us for our Fall Chocolate Demos!

At Weaver Nut Company, we are passionate about chocolate and candy, and love not only supplying our patrons with an exciting variety of gourmet wholesale chocolates, which will accommodate the needs of the most demanding professional chocolatier or baker, but also educating them on industry news and tips.

We have lovingly put together our demos series, geared towards anyone who’s getting started in chocolate making.  We’ll also be discussing procedures and tips that even a skilled chocolatier will find valuable.

Our chocolate demo this fall actually focuses on starting a business, and also includes:  

How to Set Up a Candy Kitchen:

- Planning your business

- How to tips/ideas

- Tools & Equipment

- Best practices

Origins of Chocolate, Types of Chocolate (cacao butter based vs. compound):

- Where does chocolate come from and how it’s produced

- Applications of cacao butter & compounds

How to Make Christmas Candy:

- Learn some fun things you can do with the kids

We will be using Barry Callebaut chocolate for the demo.  The dates and times that the demos will be held are: Friday, October 13th, at 10 AM & 2 PM; and Saturday, October 14th, at 10 AM & 2 PM.

Create extraordinary chocolate and chocolate candy with gourmet bulk chocolate offered by Weaver Nut Company, a trusted Callebaut chocolate supplier – you’ll find all varieties, from sources such as Barry Callebaut, and more. 

If you’re not ready or don’t want to make your own candy to sell, rest assured you can buy some of the great options of bulk chocolates and wholesale candy.

Find the best wholesale Callebaut chocolate and other chocolate products right here.