Parties and playtime wouldn’t be complete without yummy candy and fun toys - such as Yowie Chocolate Characters!

Chocolate Yowie is not your ordinary candy.  Yowie chocolate toys are individually wrapped candy that is all natural, gluten free, ethically sourced and traded with Rainforest Alliance Certification.  You get three great values in one product: - 1 oz. of all natural quality chocolate, Premium Collectable, and a free Yowie App!

Each packet contains 12 Yowie foiled characters, a Yowie limited edition animal collectable that you can save, swap or share, and an information leaflet telling the eco status of your animal including its level of endangerment.

Let’s meet the Yowie Characters and learn what they stand for and protect:



The Fiddlewood Yowie, is the Guardian of the Waterways.  Part playful platypus, Squish is as bubbly as a babbling brook, sparkling as a waterfall and contented as a slow flowing river.  Squish is always happy and energetic – the jester of the Yowie Pack and friend to all.


The Guardian of the Deserts and Plains.  As the leader of the Yowie Pack, Rumble is an excitable, rough and tumble character.  Cousin to the red kangaroo, Rumble is always ready to make a stand in defense of desert and plain.  Inclined to be impatient, Rumble’s bark is far worse than its bite, and underneath there is a heart of gold.


The Mangrove Yowie, is the Guardian of the Marshland, Swamps and Backwaters.  With a touch of cousin crocodile, Crag is the meanest looking of all the Yowie, but also with a heart of gold.  Crag leaves nothing to chance when it comes to defending its habitat and all its wet and muddy creatures.


The Lillipilli Yowie, is the Guardian of the Woodlands and Meadows.  Ditty is the poet of the Yowie Pack.  In love with its habitat and its wildfolk, Ditty spends time foraging with cousin wombat chasing butterflies and conducting cicada and cricket concerts.  Always on the lookout for trouble in the woodlands and meadows, Ditty is a determined protector of its habitat.


The Bottlebrush Yowie, is the Guardian of the Rainforest and Mountains.  Ruler of its vast habitat, Boof is delightfully unpredictable and the ever-funny clown of the Yowie Tribe.  So brim full of joy, Boof is inclined to be a little clumsy as it trips among tree roots and toadstools with cousin bandicoot, but always around when needed to help friends and wildfolk.


The Honeygum Yowie, is the Guardian of the Treetops.  Nap is the wise old Yowie of the Pack.  Most at home among the tree tops with the kookaburra, the owl, and kinfolk of the koala family, Nap’s wisdom and understanding are always available.  A tendency to doze off at any time at all, caressed in dreams by breeze and gum blossom, doesn’t stop Nap from being an alert and able guardian of its lofty habitat.

The Yowie confectionery brand is built around the concept of play and learn.  Collect the six Yowie Characters and you will be well on your way to learning how you can help save the natural world.

It’s time to start stocking your store with Yowie Chocolate Characters Foil Wrapped delights and offering it to your customers as the perfect birthday party theme/gift.  Customers/parents can give one to each kid at the party and turn a fun time into learning time as well!

Stock up on Yowie chocolate toys today - trust Weaver Nut Company, Inc., wholesale supplier proudly offering over 50 categories of delicious and unique bulk candies for over four decades.